Genius Prince – v2-c14

“But then, to think Lova is actually an imperial princess.”

Wayne then started the conversation.

“Then, do you know Ninim and my status from the beginning?”

“Of course…”

Louwellmina nodded.

“Since you’re only said that you’re a commoner officially, and wasn’t trying to conceal it completely.”

“Well, I studied abroad in the Empire as a Jest after all. If I was being investigated deeply then, of course, people would still find out. And since it would be troublesome, I went through with my real name.”

However, after Wayne had returned home, his records were being deleted, but there was no reason for Wayne to know that.

“On the other hand, I was worried that you might know me. After all, Natra’s intelligence network is deep and wide.”

Ninim groaned. Since someone had managed to falsify her identity and being close to her master, it caused her feeling bitter.

“Actually, I thought of confessing if the two of you talked about your real identity. That was why I once asked Ninim. Are you really commoners? like that…”

“I’ve certainly once being asked that…”

“Indeed. But your answer at that time was ‘I am a commoner’.”

Louwellmina’s gaze then turned toward Ninim.

“—Ne, Ninim Raleigh, why do you lie to your own best friend?”

At the moment Louwellmina showed a cold gaze that might actually freeze someone’s heart.

Her gaze was as if giving the intention of beheading her head if she gives off an incomplete answer.

However, Ninim didn’t look agitated.

“As if, I’ve never told you any lies…”

As a person who stands beside the Prince, it was her daily life to be under pressure.

“I just mislead you.”

Ninim declared that calmly.

“Since we’re a best friend, you will certainly forgive me, right? Your Highness the Imperial Princess, Louwellmina Azworld?”

The hostile atmosphere between the two only lasted for a few seconds.

Before long, Louwellmina smiled broadly.

“Of course, Ninim. — It was because you’re like this that I fond of you. May I hug you now?”

“In my case, I was not sure whether I should regard myself as your playmate, or someone who always gets involved with… … And please don’t go hugging me before I even answered.”

“It is my nature after all…”

Wayne shrugged his shoulders while watching Louwellmina hugging Ninim.

“There is royalty with such troublesome personality as you huh?”

Wayne avoided Ninim’s gaze that was as if saying “I don’t want to hear that from you.”.

“That’s right, I haven’t thanked you yet. Thank you for noticing my intention and made a contact like this.”

“Ah, during the banquet huh?”

It was about her informing him that most of the delegations were her brother’s subordinates. She intended to tell him that there would be her elder brothers eyes watching, thus it would be difficult to meet in secret, and she wanted him to take account of that fact.

Because of that, Wayne prepared double bottom boxes filled with costumes and sneaked into Louwellmina’s room with Ninim.

“You don’t have to thank me. Besides, you’re not going to talk leisurely after I come like this, no? At least, you will tell us the reason why you come here, yes?”

“Yes, of course.”

Louwellmina said that with a lower voice.

“Wayne, let me make a frank proposal. — Will you take the Empire with me?”

A deep silence filled the room.

The three gazes intertwined in a complex manner, and sparks scattered in silence.

It was Wayne who opened his mouth first.

“Which suggest, Lova, you want to take the throne and pushed the three princes away?”

“That’s right.”

“… Don’t say such ridiculous thing…”

“Oh my, do you think so?”

Toward Louwellmina who played dumb, Wayne shakes his head.

“Do you know Natra’s national strength? We won’t have enough power to face the Empire even if we turned the country upside down.”

“True, if it is the full force of the Empire. This country would be easily erased.”

But Louwellmina continued…

“That is if the Empire moves in ‘full force’. Have you heard the situation in the Empire? My three older brothers were fighting for the throne and the situation caused the Empire could not muster all of its strength.”


Wayne didn’t answer back, but that alone spoke more eloquently that he agreed.

“I will tell you the reason why it had become like that step by step. The trigger was because my father, the Emperor had fallen ill and passed away.”

Louwellmina said.

“It was an illness that made his consciousness clouded, and just to stand up would be hard for him, and he could not speak properly. Naturally, it would be absurd to do government affairs like that. And since his majesty hasn’t informed the successor, it caused turmoil in the court.”

There Ninim opened her mouth.

“… I was curious for a long time but, what is the reason that the Emperor didn’t appoint any successor? I did hear some rumors, but, what is the truth?”

“I’ve never asked him directly, that is why this might sound more of my opinion… At that time, I thought the reason why he didn’t appoint any successor was due to his enthronement.”

Ninim tilted his head.

“Which meant?”

“His Majesty had many brothers, and he was never high in the line of succession. However, His Majesty, who wished for the throne, showed his ability and being nominated as a successor. And his majesty always said that those who always faced predicament would always improve themselves.”

Then Wayne snorted…

“I see. In short, he didn’t forget his experience to gain success, and pushed them to his sons.”

“To put it bluntly, yes…”

Louwellmina smiled bitterly.

“In my mind, the eldest son would’ve to succeed the throne. However, the eldest son was drowned in his position and didn’t improve himself no matter how much he was being remonstrated. That was why, his majesty didn’t say who is the successor, at first, it was to stimulate the first prince.”

“But before everything went as he planned, he had fell ill instead.”

“That’s right. The story would be different if he settled everything by put together the imperial court and suppressed the second and third sons’ ambitions. But in the end, the second and third son managed to rip off the eldest son’s power one by one, and the eldest son was left clinging to the court.”

“But, I heard the emperor woke up once?”

Louwellmina nodded at Ninim. The fact that the fallen Emperor woke up once had reached Natra.

“When they heard the news, the court feel relieved. Since his majesty wakes up, they thought the succession battle would be settled. In fact, all of his children, including me, immediately called by his Majesty.”

But Louwellmina shakes her head.

“It was his majesty anger that awaited them. He said his disappointment to his eldest son who could not put together the court and also to his second and third son who despite making a secret maneuver could not chase away the other brothers. And he declared that no one among them deserves the throne…”

Ninim sighed…

“That is a ridiculous thing… Despite having a chance to nominate a successor, he wasted it due to his temporary emotion, and now, he died, causing the three sons to fight… I have my sympathy for the Empire’s citizens.”

Wayne shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s not like I don’t understand the Emperor’s feeling. A strong leader is needed to control the rapidly expanding Empire. Yet, forget foreign country, his sons had even failed to organize their own imperial court, no wonder he could not trust them. — Though well, I could also understand those who wish someone to immediately take the throne.”

“I agree. I think so too…”

Like that, Louwellmina raised her hand.

“Because of that, would you cooperate with me?”

“… Ninim.”

“Imperial law didn’t state that a woman could not inherit the throne. She does have the right to inherit. But in reality, all previous rulers were men, so I believe there would be strong rejection…”

“That’s right, that is why no one in the Empire would support me. Everyone gets close to one of my brothers. Though, thanks to that, I could visit my old friends like this… — Like that, don’t you think this is an interesting situation?”

“I think so too!”


Ninim glared at Wayne who readily agreed.

“I know. I will participate if this was at the school, but right now, I am the Prince of Natra Kingdom. There’s no way, I would agree with your proposal easily…”

“You can’t? You will become the future husband of the Empress, you know?”

“Hahahaha~, what kind of a punishment game is that, oi wait, that’s hurt!”

Louwellmina kicked Wayne’s shin due to his reply and gazed at him with a displeased look.

“Well, I never thought that I would be able to convince you in a single discussion. Well, we’ve talked a lot, so shall we ended it for now?”

“Hee, so you have other preparation? To make me help you.”

“Of course. Because I’m not crazy enough to come to the north empty-handed.”

Wayne grinned…

“Good then, I will look forward to tomorrow, Lova.”

Louwellmina smiled…

“I will give you a surprise and make you at your wit’s end, Wayne…”

Ninim then sighed.

“As expected, you two are really similar…”