Genius Prince – v2-c13

Now, he was sitting in front of Louwellmina.

(I just have to start from here…)

Looking at Louwellmina’s behavior, it seems like he could not speak about their time in the military academy, at least in official situations. In regard to that, Wayne had no complaints. Therefore, he had to cut open as a crown prince.

“By the way, princess Louwellmina, this time visit, is it all your highness idea?”

“Yes. people might laugh at me as a royalty that lacks common sense before marriage but, I wanted to meet Prince Wayne directly.”

“There’s nothing to laugh about. It is a great honor as a man that a beautiful person like you would want to meet with me. … However, though this is embarrassing, I’m nothing but a royalty from a rural country. Yet, why do you want to meet me directly?”

“Oh my… That is such a modesty, prince Wayne.”

Louwellmina said that with a smile on her face.

“The prince is a hero who led the country on behalf of his father who is sick and won against Marden. Such news had reached even the imperial capital you know? As a royal family member, no, as a woman, of course, I wish to meet with such a wonderful prince.”

“Now, since I’ve made princess Louwellmina interested in me that much, I hope I didn’t disappoint you. I wonder, do I meet with your expectation?”

“Let see… It may not be as expected…”

Louwellmina said those words mischievously.

“In my eyes, you’re nicer than the reputation suggested…”

“I see, I guess, I feel relieved…”

Wayne tried his best to look embarrassed while showing a bitter smile. Such action from him drew a light smile from Princess Louwellmina.

“My brothers tried to stop me but, I keep insist on coming to visit Prince Wayne myself…”

“Ah, as expected, there’s opposition is it?”

“Yes. However, since I heard prince Wayne was looking for a Queen, I thought I could not let this slip by… To tell you the truth, most of the envoys here who come with me were mostly my brothers men. I told them that a smaller number of escort would be fine, but they strongly told me to take them because it was dangerous. Don’t you think they are just too overprotective?”

Wayne replied while looking troubled.

“I’m sorry, but as an older brother with a younger sister, this time around I have to side with the princes.”

“Speaking of which, Prince Wayne had a sister is it?”

“Yes, she’s a younger sister that I’m proud of. Let me introduce her tomorrow.”

While saying so, Wayne tried to understand Louwellmina’s thought.

If he sums it up, all of this was because of her running out of control.

Louwellmina action was due to her longing feeling for the foreign prince and adolescence impulse, which eventually become this situation.

(— Or so that is the cover story everyone would believe…)

Naturally, Wayne didn’t believe her words even a little bit.

The only difference was that the majority of the delegation members were the princes’ subordinates. Though since she was an imperial family member and a girl, furthermore, she was the youngest child, that was why they were bound to be worried.

(And, the reason why she said that would be…)

As Wayne keep his brain turn, the conversation of these two people developed…

“But still, Natra winter is indeed colder than I had expected.”

“You must’ve been surprised. After all, what the Empire doesn’t have compared to Natra, it would be the harsh winter due to the steep mountains. Furthermore, this is just the beginning of winter.”

“And it’s this cold?”

“In the middle of winter, it was said that even the trees won’t shake due to wind because of being frozen.”

As expected, princess Louwellmina looked troubled.

Looking at that expression, something crossed in Wayne’s mind.

“Right, how about I give you Natra’s winter garments? Imperial clothes were made to be strong and the design was good but, to face the winter of Natra, it would be a little problem…”

“Thank you for your consideration. As you’ve said, the clothes I have brought seems won’t be able to suppress the chilling winter here.”

After saying that, Louwellmina closed one of her eyes mischievously.

“Of course, Prince Wayne would choose the clothes that suit me himself yes?”

“Oho, as a man, I could not refuse after being asked now, could I? It seems I have to put more enthusiasm into this…”

“Fufufu. I will look forward to it.”

Then they continue to have such whimsical conversation.

The banquet was concluded as Wayne welcomed them…

Because it was for the purpose of welcoming state guest who had come from a faraway land, Louwellmina was being allocated a room that was ‘splendid’ even in the eyes of an imperial princess.

It was not that glittering. However, the cleanroom, the artwork that was being displayed inside the room were elegant. The light from the moonlight and starry skies entered through the window feels magical, the fire flickering dotted throughout the cityscape.

The time spent inside this room during one’s stay would be quiet but comfortable. When Louwellmina thought that, the door was being knocked. As she answered to let them in, someone appeared.

“I’m sorry to disturb your highness rest. There’s a present for Princess Louwellmina from Prince Wayne.”

Saying so, the person showed the boxes outside the door. There were 3 boxes that could fit 3 adult people inside.

“After checking them, it seems to be filled with garments.”

“Ah, it’s already arrived? Please carry it into the room.”


The servant calls other servants and carried the boxes into the room.

“Would you like to try them now?”

“No, I think tomorrow would be fine. You may go now.”


After clearing out the people, Louwellmina was alone once again.

However, without stopping, she speaks to the box.

“—Now then, you can come out.”

The box then shook.

Then the box immediately opened from the inside.


What appeared from inside was Wayne while pushing out the other clothes.

“I thought this would surprise you, but, I got found out huh?”

Next, another box was opened. Ninim appeared from it.

“To be frank, it is natural for her to figure it out, no?”

“If so, then next time we will just sneak in from the window using ropes.”

“Then, I will personally cut the rope.”

“Wait, Ninim, don’t you think you’re too casual about murdering me?”

When Wayne and Ninim exchanged such words, Louwellmina laughed.

“Fufufufu. You guys still the same as when we’re still in the academy.”

“What a thing, we’re being laughed by princess Louwellmina, Ninim!”

“If you could get such imperial princess to laugh like that just by playing clown, as your humble retainer I think your pride is a cheap price to pay?”

“I see, there is such reasoning huh?”

Louwellmina laughter became higher.

After regaining calmness, Louwellmina’s gaze turned toward Ninim.

“I’ve greeted Wayne earlier, but I haven’t met Ninim yet, wasn’t I? It’s been a long time is it not, Ninim? I’m very happy to see you still by Wayne’s side.”

“You also seems to be in good health, Lova. Or would you like me to call you your highness imperial princess Louwellmina?”

“You don’t have to be that reserved. Aren’t we best friends?”

Louwellmina held Ninim’s hands.

“Please don’t change and keep calling me Lova.”

“Then, I will do so, in private times.”

Louwellmina then nodded, and once again gazed at the two people.

“But still, you two never change huh?”

“It has changed. For example, yes, I grew taller and became more handsome, and Ninim had gained a little weight instead of the volume of her chest. …Wait, Ninim, don’t twist my arm! Just now was only a conversation jab!”

“Then it would be straight next time?”

“… Lova, HELP!”

“Eh? Unn… Wayne, what about me? Do I change?”

“I think your hips become bigger?”

“Ninim, you may twist him with all of your power.”


“Huh?! My silver tongue didn’t work?”

As Wayne screamed due to the pain, the door was forcefully opened.

“Your Highness Louwellmina?! What was that voice—-?!”

What appeared was the person who had brought the boxes inside, and since Wayne and Ninim were inside the room, she looked surprised…

However, Wayne was also looked surprised.

“Ambassador Brandel?”

Viz Brandel, former ambassador to Natra. The person who stands nearest to this room, he never thought it would be her.

“Ah, nice timing. Viz, please be the lookout outside. If someone came, tell them I’m already sleeping.”

“Ha, no, but, his highness is here…”


Louwellmina then used a strong tone and gazed at Viz.

Viz swallowed the words that were about to come out, and shoo her head…

“… I understand. If your highness needs anything, please call me immediately, I will be watching outside the door.”

“Yes, please.”

Viz disappeared and Louwellmina once again looked at Wayne.

“Were you surprised?”

“I do…”

Wayne nodded.

“I was wondering how but… At first, I thought it was a mystery as to how ambassador Talm gets in touch with you, the princess… I see it was from the former ambassador Brandel huh?

“Indeed. I’ve moved her from the diplomatic department to my side. Fortunately, because she had lost her job due to someone, I manage to persuade her…”

“I will accept your thanks…”

“I will forget the previous words you said…”

“Waaai~, I’m happy~…”

“Sure, after all, I won’t ever forget it.”

“Waaai~, I’m Sad~…”

Ninim fist then sinks onto Wayne’s head.

“Now then, let us sit before we continue talking.”

“That’s right, let us do that. Ninim.”

Ninim then went to the third box and rummaging inside the box. And after a while, wine and wine glass came out.

“You guys seem ready for it huh? How did you get it?”

“When we replaced the paintings, I also restock the wine? And at that time…”

“… If I’m not wrong, some broke during transportation?”

“Well if we drink it and break the bottle afterward, it would be the same.”

“… That is not the problem here…”

The three then took a seat around the table.

A glass was placed in front of each of them, and then the wine was poured inside the glasses.

“Well then, let us have a toast.”

“To what?”

Wayne laughed…

“Of course, to our reunion.”

And then refreshing laughers reverberated inside the room.