Genius Prince – v2-c12

The banquet party, which was held to welcome the imperial delegations proceeded in a peaceful atmosphere from the beginning to the end.

Of course, the Natra Kingdom and the Azworld Empire were friendly toward each other, and there was no big friction between them. The purpose of this visit was also for the discussion between the prince and the princess for their marriage. Everyone who attended the banquet was aware that they should not cause any unnecessary disturbance.

Of course, not only the guest but even the Natra side, who was the host make a great effort for that as well. In order to avoid any trivial mistakes, they had made preparation using the shortest amount of time and the smallest budget as much as possible, from the design of the tableware, the tablecloths.

As for the foods, Wayne and Ninim opinion was greatly incorporated.

“I’m surprised. I’ve never expected to eat imperial cuisine here.”

Imperial Princess Louwellmina said that with a smile while sitting on the seat of the guest of honor.

Facing here, was Wayne.

“Since you would be tired due to the long trip, you might miss the taste of your hometown. Tonight, I thought that imperial cuisine would suit your highness Princess taste than Natra’s cuisine.”

“Thank you for the consideration, Prince Wayne.”

The reason why the tops exchanged words like that was to harmonies the dinner party atmosphere.

Thanks to that, relaxed conversation played in the surrounding seats as well.

“I’ve heard the rumors but, Imperial Princess Louwellmina is indeed a beautiful person.”

“If you say that then, I’ve also heard that Prince Wayne is a benevolent person, you know? I admire his behavior as the representative of his majesty the King.”

“I’m glad that we’re on the same page. If the talks went smoothly, they would definitely become a great couple.”

“Indeed. … That’s right, at first, I was anxious, but when I saw that he had gone to prepare imperial dishes just because worried about us, I’m a bit feeling guilty. Though, I also a bit looking forward to eating foreign food…”

“Ooh, please don’t worry. I think we had taken that into account and prepared some Natra locale dishes as well. Let us brings it in now.”

In this way, the dinner party was going well.

However, that was the outward appearance.

(Now then, what should we do now…)

While exchanging words with Louwellmina, Wayne pondered.

He remembered the time before the banquet.

“This is definitely 1000% trap!

Wayne lamented inside his office with an expression of despair.

“I wonder, Ninim, is this all by any chance, a dream?”

“None of that…”


Wayne slumped on his desk while holding his head.

Ninim also showed a difficult expression beside him.

“No way, Lova was actually a princess? But, it was also my mistake to not properly check the background of that one!”

During the sudden reunion, Wayne who accepted the delegation led by Princess Loywellmina pretended to be calm. Now they were inside their respective room to take some rest.

After this, they were planning to have a dinner party, where Wayne should once again formally welcomed Princess Louwellmina.

That was the plan but…

“Which part of her being from a countryside noble?! Isn’t that actually the highest bloodline in the Empire?! Don’t just go around hiding your bloodline and attended a school!”

“Wayne, I don’t think you have the right to say that…”

Ninim calmly chided him, but Wayne ignored her while groaning…

“Why this is happening.. I just want to have a happy good life with the imperial princess and yet…”

“That is still possible you know? It is the truth that an imperial princess has come for a marriage talk… —It was just that the identity of the princess that is Lova…”

“Her identity being that Lova is the biggest problem here!”

Wayne shouted in desperation.

“Remember Ninim. After Lova joined our group at the academy, how many times did she drag us to cross dangerous bridges?!”

“I’ve never forgotten them… Mobilizing the villages to subjugates bandits group, causing the removal of corrupt nobles. Stealing smuggled goods of unscrupulous merchants and sell them…”

“Most of them are Lova projects!”

Since she joined their group, Lova would always found problems that could be intervened and presented them to Wayne. At that time, he had wondered how she finds it, but, now he was definitely sure that she had gathered the information using her position as imperial princess.

“Come to think of it, despite how dangerous the projects were, Glenn and Strang were strangely easily got on board! Thanks to that, how many times did we leave school?!”

“In the first place, Wayne is the one who always gets on board first but… Did you forget that?”


In response to those words, Wayne averted his gaze.

Ninim then catches his head and turn his face toward her.

“No no no, you see, to humiliate those disgusting nobles, I just presented the plan! It was too interesting to miss! I couldn’t help it!”

“And every time I had a hard time to clean up everything. When I remembered those times, I feel angry…”

“Alright, now let us change the topic back…”

Wayne forcefully changed the topic.

“Anyway, about the current problem. Lova is a type of person who would make an evil scheme as easy as breathing. I can’t believe that she had come here just to get married. She definitely planned something.”

“I have no objection in regard to that. Wayne’s hypothesis was right.”

Ninim said those words while pulling Wayne’s cheeks.

“To summarize the current situation, the only new things we had learned was that the other party was Lova, while the real purpose of her coming here is still not clear. I need to explore further and focus investigate…”

“How long is the delegation going to stay?”

“They are planning to stay for two weeks.”

“This subtle time as well, there’s definitely something going to happen…”

Wayne voiced that while looking tired.

Ninim also had a deep thought about that.

“Somehow, we speculated just because of her presence. But, there will be quite a lot of events that Wayne needed to host, so there would be a lot of opportunities for you to find out the reason…”

“Looking into Lova train of thought is more difficult than turning the world upside down you know…?”

“In the future, we definitely need to prepare a lot of foods…”

“Do you expect her to open her mouth just by that?”

Ninim shrugged in response and speak…

“Verbal slips is not something one should expect but create. Now then, the time has come…”

Wayne nodded and got up, Ninim also followed him toward the dinner venue.