Genius Prince – v2-c1

Vuno Continent.

There were a variety of nations, large and small, which was divided into two East and West by a great mountain range.

Among them, there was a small country at the northern end that was developing mountain valleys of the great mountain range.

The name of the country was the Natra Kingdom.

It was the sign of autumn around the corner when the people of Natra had a certain melancholy aura around them.

That was because the kind of cold air that told them that the sort summer had come to an end, and the long winter was coming. It was customary for the citizen to prepare for the cold air while shivering and smacking their lips.

But this autumn was different.

Despite the fact that the short summer comes to an end, the face of the people was still full of vigor, enthusiasm remained throughout the Natra Kingdom.

The reason for that was the war that broke out before summer started by the invasion made by Marden.

While Natra King was in bed, it was Wayne Salema Albarest, the prince who took the helm instead.

He repelled the Marden army brilliantly, and even reverse-invade Marden and took their gold mine.

Not only that, Wayne was able to defend the gold mine with just thousands of soldiers against 30,000 Marden men.

The Kingdom’s people applauded and praised the prince calling it the greatest feat in Natra Kingdom history.

The heat of victory had yet to cool down, thus making the people forget the cold.

And the same was true in the royal capital city, Cordbell.

“As expected of His Highness.”

“When I heard when the King had fallen ill, I was wondering what would gonna happen at the time…”

“His Highness is strong and kind. If His Highness here, this country is safe.”

Such conversation comes from everywhere without having to stretch one’s ear. The people were deeply impressed by the previous war that much but—…

(It seems the people feeling will continue like this for a while…)

Holding her jute bag, a single young lady walking on the main street and having a deep thought…

She had clear white hair and burning red pupils. She looked like a doll, but she was a real person.

Her name was Ninim Raleigh. She was Prince Wayne’s aide, who was being talked about all over the country.

(We only won against the neighboring country once… That does not mean that the Natra Kingdom’s national power would be doubled, and the threats of other countries also have not decreased…)

Ninim thought was not optimistic.
She personally believes it was a happy thing to win the war since as the result of that, her lord Wayne was being respected by the people.
But as a person in national politics, it was only natural for her to be worried about the dangers of the future rather than past successes…

(And I’m more worried that Wayne’s evaluation was raised one-sidely…)

Wayne personality had been talked about from various aspect by the ordinary people, but the most significant consensus between them was that Wayne was a benevolent ruler.

Such as he manages to call the name of the soldiers one by one and encourage them personally, so on so forth… He freed the oppressed miners in person. The people evaluation of him was that he was a kind-hearted person, thought some falsehood and fact mixed together sometimes…

It was not actually bad to have such an evaluation.
That was not bad but, Ninim know, that bias evaluation sometimes could be dangerous.

(I wonder, what Wayne think about all of this?)

Let ask after this…

Ninim decided that while speeding up her walking speed.

She could already see the royal palace in front of her eyes.

There, prince Wayne should’ve been waiting for Ninim to arrive.