Genius Prince – v1-c9

Natra army, 6,000 men.

Marden army, 7,000 men.

The two forces face-to-face on the rocky and sandy wilderness.

The air of the battlefield had already tense, even though the two forces were still far apart. From here on out, these over 10,000 men would take each other’s lives.

“Your Highness, the battle formation is ready…”

In the tent set up on the hill, Wayne received a report from Hagar.

“How is Marden movement?”

“It seems the other side is also ready…”

“I guess what left for me is to wait for the war to start, huh?”

“Yes, sir. Also, your Highness, before the war started, everyone wanted to hear your Highness’ words.”

“I don’t mind, is this to inspire the soldiers before they head to the battlefield?”

“Of course. The battlefield between army is literally a world of death zone. At such a place, the pillars of mind would collapse sooner than the body. It is the words of the army leader that support them so that it won’t break…”

There was no reason for Wayne to refute since even an experience General had said so… Furthermore, if he appeals carefully to the soldiers, it would prevent them from doing any coup.

The problem was, he had no idea what to talk. But when he stood in front of the soldiers, standing at the foot of the hill, looking at their expression, he made up his mind.

“Ehem, Henoi Torez.”

What Wayne said was someone’s name.

It was one of the soldiers on the front line who responded. He looked surprises for being called suddenly. Then, Wayne continues to talk to him…

“Your spear, it’s in reverse…”

“Eh? Ah!”

When Wayne pointed it out, the soldier looked at his hand, the spear in his hand had it spearhead facing the ground, and the stone butt was facing the sky. He hurriedly fixed his spear’s position and returned his standing position. However, because of that, his face had become red, and laughter erupted from the surrounding.

But, Wayne didn’t stop there…

“Karlman, Pete, Liby, Logley, you guys are laughing too much…”

The soldiers who laughed loudly at the beginning immediately shut their mouth. And due to their appearance being comical, many soldiers’ shoulders trembled due to trying to suppress their laughter.

(With this, it seems their tension lessen a bit…)

At first glance, Wayne felt there were too tense.

Of course, it was understandable for them to be like that. For most of them, including himself, this was their first ‘real’ battlefield. Although much training had been given, some things cannot be learned from training alone.

Anyway, for now, the first hurdle had been cleared. Then what he needs to do now was to raise the soldiers’ morale.

“Up until now, our Natra army had been called as weak-soldiers. For that, it might have been a fact. And right now, thinking like that, the Marden army must be underestimating us…”

Wayne’s voice resounded between the soldiers.

“But, I know. That all of you have endured the toughest training. And I know. That you are all more noble and courageous than anyone else. I also know. In front of those invaders, inside your heart, a fire has been lit. — That is why I know that all of you are weak-soldiers no more!”

The relaxed atmosphere immediately turns fiery. The soldiers’ mood was raised. Wayne then continues his speech to incite more heat.

“Let us prove it in this war! We’re not weak, let us show them, that we’re Dragon of the North! Let it reverberate throughout the continent! That we’re the strongest army in this world! Let us prove it that we’re conqueror! Now is the time for us to rewrite history!”


The cheers that shook the heaven erupted.

It seems Wayne had managed to raise the soldiers’ morale. While inside his mind, he breathed a sigh, Hagar comes to his side on his horse.

“It was wonderful speech, your Highness. I could even feel their intense spirit from here…”

“At least, they don’t look nervous anymore now…”

Hagar smiled at Wayne’s light joke…

“Before, did you Highness prepared the soldiers’ name beforehand?”

“Of course not, I just improvise…”

“Then, how did your Highness know their name?”

“I just have to remember them. Unlike the Empire who had hundreds of thousands of soldiers, Natra only has less than 10,000 men…”


Hagar had a strange look on his face in response to Wayne’s words.

Looking at the buzzing Natra army, Urgio smacked his lips, looking annoyed.

“Those chicken, they sure know how to freak me out…”

“General, we’re ready to attack…”


Urgio calmed down his frustration and turned to his soldiers. In front of thousands of eyes, he cannot afford to show quick temper.

“Listen! The warriors of Marden!”

Urgio shouted from the bottom of his stomach, trying to raise his soldiers’ spirit.

“In front of us are the small fry Natra soldiers! They can’t differentiate between recklessness and courage, we will strike those foolish people! No matter how much they gathered, we the true soldiers, the elite soldiers of Marden who will win!”

Urgio raised his swords, and each soldier also followed him to raise their weapons.

“Let us trample over them! Cover this wilderness with their blood! Men!, Charge–!”

The roar of 7,000 men echoed into the sky and began to kick the ground all at once.

“Finally, they have come, huh?”

The Marden Army had started to charge. It was like a tsunami made of people. Even though he was at the back, Wayne could felt the piercing pressure.

“Men, get ready!”

Following Hagar instruction, Natra’s infantryman set up their spear and shield altogether. They were taking a defensive stance against the Marden army. Ready to block the attack without moving. If the enemy was like a tsunami, then they were like sea banks made of people.

Soon, the Marden army approaches. One could felt chill burn the skins.

Win. Wayne was sure they would win. However, it was the nature of men to always hold anxiety. While looking dignified, Wayne was praying inside his heart.

(Please, do your best, I’m counting on you guys…)

The distance between the two sides narrowed. Heart rates accelerate faster and faster. Finally, the tsunami hit the embankment—.


At that moment, Wayne and Urgio who watches the scene were astonished…

(Oi… Oioi!)

(W-What in the world?!)

The two people in the position of opposing side, sandwiching both armies, thought the same thing after looking at the spectacle reflected in front of their eyes.

((What the heck is going on?!))