Genius Prince – v1-c6

Two months had passed since the day the Imperial army left the Kingdom of Natra.

Right now, several hundreds of soldiers were lining up orderly in front of Wayne.

Their movement following the instruction given by the commanding officer was quick and precise, it was as if they were a single being. Looking at their movement which was full of energy, one might feel overwhelmed by just looking at them.

“How is it, your Highness Wayne?”


Wayne who looked at the soldiers from the tent on the hill nodded in satisfaction.

“I was thinking the army might stray after being thought by the Empire, but how wonderful that I was wrong. It seems I was right to leave this task to you, Raklum.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The man called Raklum respectfully lowered his head.

He was a tall man with a firm physique. He had an honest looking face which in turn make him less intimidating. The other characteristic of him was that his hands were longer compared to ordinary people. He was one of the commanding officers within Natra Kingdom’s army and someone whom Wayne had scouted.

“Your Highness, I was just following your orders and will. your Highness deserves the final praise.”

“It is hard to find a retainer that could perform my order until such perfection you know? You deserve the achievements.”

“It was your Highness who found me and taking great care of me, even this duty was given by your Highness. The result was all your Highness, there was nothing I could claim as my own achievement.”

“… Geez, as usual, how hard headed you are…”

Seeing Wayne smiled wryly, Raklum bowed his head once more.

Then, they both heard small laughter.

“Fufufu, you both are very funny…”

It was Wayne’s younger sister, Franya.

“I’m sorry Franya. Was it boring?”

“Of course not, it is amazing seeing the soldiers lined and moving beautifully, furthermore, it is fun listening both of you talking. But still, Raklum, my brother is finally praising you, you should take it obediently. I feel very envious toward you since I’ve rarely being praised you know?”

“As you have heard, Raklum.”

Seeing both brother and sister smiles, Raklum showed a troubled expression and opened his mouth before long.

“… Having both royal highness saying that toward myself, I feel nothing other than happiness..”

“It seems Raklum also has no resistance against my sister. Brilliant, as expected of you, Franya.”

“Oh my… If Onii-sama praised me this much, then in the future, let me bother the obstinate Raklum some more…”

Hearing her sister said that, both brother and sister laughed out loud while Raklum who saw that could only smile wryly…

“By the way, Onii-sama. I don’t see Ninim anywhere lately, what happened?”

“Hnn? Oh, There’s a job that only Ninim could do. Currently, she is doing it. ”

Ninim was someone that had been decided to serve Wayne since birth, she was educated and very talented. When she was left to handle something, most things won’t go wrong.

“That is unusual. Even during work, it is rare to not see Ninim by Onii-sama’s side.”

Franya words were undoubtedly right. Most of the time, Ninim would always be by Wayne’s side.

“There’s no helping it. I cannot leave that job to other people after all…”

Even Wayne felt reluctant. Still, her work was important, and it was not just crossing some mountains or rivers. And remembering what kind of works Wayne needed to do alone from now on, he feels like he wants to vomit “Uwaaah”…

If that was the case, he should have searched for capable people, but it was hard to do that in his position. Wayne was a regent, he was just a substitute of the King. The Majority of his retainers were people appointed by the King, and their loyalty of course directed to the King. At present, those who had the capable ability and genuinely swore their allegiance toward Wayne were only Ninim and Raklum.

And because Raklum was being given the task of training the soldiers, when it comes to an important job, there was no other person Wayne could turn to other than Ninim.

“Does that work by any chance has anything to do with the Empire?”

“Hnn? Why do you think that?”

“I heard that Onii-sama had bought a lot of Imperial weapons recently after all…”

Inside his heart, Wayne was amazed that her sister knew that. Of course, it was not some top secret information, but for Franya to know something like that was very unusual. Maybe she had an interest in government affairs and wants to help somehow? That was what inside Wayne’s mind.

“I do indeed buy a lot of weapon from the Empire, but I didn’t leave it to Ninim. Anyway, it is unrelated but…”

A flash of idea appeared inside Wayne’s mind while patting Franya’s head.

“Right, Franya, do you know why I buy a weapon from the Empire?”

Since she was interested in it, Wayne thought there was no harm to turn it into a simple teaching material for her. Franya who was being asked by Wayne suddenly, immediately understood of Wayne intent.

“… Because the Empire’s weapon is far more superior compared to the one the Natra Kingdom produced…”

“That is indeed one of the answers. Though Natra weapons were not that bad, in term of military power, the Empire’s weapons are slightly more of high quality. Anything else?”

“There’s another reason? Emm…”

The answer didn’t come easily, and Franya thinks hard while pouting cutely. Seeing her sister expression, Wayne laughed while poking on her pouting check.

“Though I do not want to do it loudly, it is for us to apologize to the Empire. After all, we had taken things too much from them.”

“Is that so? But everyone is praising Onii-sama for that, no? They say Onii-sama managed to corner the Empire’s ambassador.”

While looking at Franya who looked proud, Wayne shook her head.

“In Diplomacy with other countries, it is not good to gain profit one-sidedly. Furthermore, seeing the difference of national power between the Empire and us, we should avoid hostility as much as possible. That is the second reason…”

Hearing those words, Franya nodded her head, then realizing something, she tilted her head.

“There’s a third reason?”

“That’s right. The third reason is—…”

Before Wayne could answer, someone, interrupted their conversation…

“Excuse me!”

Messenger jumped into their tent with a loud voice.

“The Kingdom of Marden has marched their army toward our territory!”

Franya looked surprised by the news.

But, Raklum responded with only a small sigh…

While Wayne responded indifferently…

“The third reason is because it will be needed soon.”