Genius Prince – v1-c4


“Incorporating Natra soldiers as future Imperial soldiers?!”

“That’s right.”

At the same time as Wayne have a talk with Ninim…

Inside the room allotted to them, Viz was talking with her aide.

“You’ve heard the good news of the emperor recovery, no? The march to the west policy that we had finally going to move. At that time, the more refined soldiers we had, the better…”


“At first glance, it seems the empire bear all the cost in this deal. But if this country would become the empire territory one day, it won’t be a losing cost, see?”

“Please wait, I have a question regarding that.”

Her aide raised his voice.

“Where is the guarantee that the Natra Kingdom won’t actually bear their fangs against the Empire.

That question was correct, but Viz had already gotten the answer.

“He will never face against the empire. His proposal today proved it. Think about it. Even if Natra soldiers are competent, do you think they could defeat our empire?”

“That is… I don’t think so. The national power between the two countries is too different.”

“That’s right. He must have also understood that too. Then what about today proposal? Just to make the military happy? No, that was not it all… That was a bitter move to protect the Natra Kingdom’s people.”

“What do you mean?”

“The crown prince probably knew about the Emperor’s recovery. And of course, he also foresees the westward policy would proceed as planned. What would the Empire do to Natra? Will it be an invasion by force, or surrender by diplomacy? It is impossible to leave this Kingdom alone, whichever path chosen, this Kingdom history is over. So, as a crown prince, which end would he wanted?”

Her aide’s eyes opened wide.

“That proposal was intended to keep the country away from the possibility of forced conquest?!”

“Indeed. In fact, the small Natra Kingdom could help the Empire. If the senior officer proposed for forced armed controls, it might pass. But, it would be different, if the people here had the possibility of becoming our future soldiers.”

“There is no doubt that diplomacy would be the priority… If the crown prince accepts it, there would be no need for Natra blood to flow. And if there was no armed conflict, the emotional friction between the two countries can be as low as possible.”

“Externally, this proposal showed one-sided profit gained by the Kingdom from the Empire to calm the government. However, in anticipation of the future in case the country being part of the Empire, the proposal would make the people to accept it calmly. … One brilliant strategy indeed.”

There was no reason not to admire it. She could feel his broad-mindedness during the meeting. And the intellect to devise this kind of strategy. It was brilliant to the point of scary since the one who did it was only a sixteen years old crown prince.

She didn’t know what would he do after the Empire annexed the Kingdom– But if he would like to live and step down from government affairs, by all means, the Empire want to have him.

However, despite being impressed, Viz was worried about something.

(… Is this all he aimed for?)

Just like what she said to her aide, she accepted the proposal during today’s meeting because she saw a profit in it.

However, if Wayne had expected this flow to happen. Then, was there any other trap in this proposal?

(During the time we negotiate the detail, any gap should be crushed. It would be impossible for any trap to exist…)


What if the person known as Wayne Salema Albarest had a more in-depth and broader perspective than she had imagined?

(I have to admit… His caliber is the real deal.)

In anticipation of the possibility that she could not ignore, Viz imagined the figure of Wayne inside her mind.

“— Well, of course, there’s no trap in it!”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, I think the other side had a skeptical thought about the meeting.”

Wayne uttered what inside his mind to Ninim who gazed at him full of doubt.

“You should also understand, why I gave them this proposal, no?”

“… I can understand that.”

“But you’re looking not convinced.”

“Of course.”

Ninim speaks looking dissatisfied.

“Even if we succeeded in eliciting support from the Empire, being told that the end of the Kingdom was near is a bit..”

Ninim then asked a question hesitantly…

“… Are you really going to surrender the country?”

“Of course I will. … Oi, don’t twist my hand in a weird direction!”

He holds Ninim hand who tried to twist his arm.

“Ninim should also know since you’re also studied at the Empire with me. There’s too much difference between our national strength, and if we fought them, we would only throw away lives needlessly. And when I was studying there, I looked around the reign of the Empire, but it wasn’t that bad, no? Even if this country becomes an imperial territory, the confusion should only last for a short time, and everything would return to normal fast enough.”

“… Is that really your intention?”

“With this, I can throw away all of those troublesome desk jobs. Wait, ow ow, I told you don’t twist my arm!?”

“If it’s Wayne, you should be able to do it, no? To stand against the Empire.”

“No way, too much trouble. … Uoooooooh, my arm!”

After making Wayne scream for a while, Ninim finally left Wayne, given up to pursue further. Toward her back, he said…

“If you don’t like it, why not rebel? If you kill me, the plan won’t work. How about it, my heart?”

“… Of course, I would not do that.”

No matter how dissatisfied she was, no matter how much she opposes it, Ninim will never defy Wayne’s decision.

From the day her ancestors came to this land and served the Royal family, that was the vow the clan had took and could not be overturned.

“Don’t sulk like that. I understand the lingering feeling if we lost this country, but any country could end anytime. It just so happens that we lost the country during our generations…”

“… Can you really persuade the Royal Army?”

“At first they would show an unpleasant face, but if they understand the strength of the Empire, they will not disobey much. And when the time comes, we will pledge allegiance to the Empire. And this is where it’s important. Since I helped for the peaceful conquest, I would be given a lot of money by the Empire! Then I can retire and have a nice quiet life! Even if I say so myself, this is indeed a perfect plan!

“… I wish your plan to fail though.”

Wayne laughed.

“You do know, this kind of evil plan is my specialty, right? Also, Ninim, do you forget something?”

“… Nyan.”


Ninim exhaled a deep sigh while looking at her master.