Genius Prince – v1-c35

Wayne took several second to processed Ninim’s words.



“Marden capital?”


“… How?When?By who?”

“By Marden neighbor, Cabarine. Because they had their army preoccupied here, they could not defend against the invasion… King Fushtar had died…”


‘What’s going on Marden, how stupid was King Fushtar, etc.?’ Curses and thought crossed Wayne’s mind at a tremendous rate, his brain then reached the most important problem.

“Ninim, can I ask you something? I should have had a peace talk with Marden after this…”

Due to so much shock, Wayne was speaking as if he was squeezing his last breath…

“In that case, what happens to the negotiation?”

In response to that, Ninim reluctantly averted her gaze away.

“Because there’s no one we could negotiate with, maybe none?”


‘I see–‘

‘There’s no negotiation, huh?’

Wayne exhaled and look up at the sky.

Then he shouted.

“W-What the hell is wrong with everything?!”

Wayne roar was swallowed by the soldiers’ shouts of victory. Thus his anguish cry was in vain.

The Kingdom of Natra, because it was situated on the northernmost of the continent, as a matter of course, it had a short summer.

Autumn and winter will come in no time, and the plants would start to grow darker. Such was the climate.

But that was why the Kingdom people would make use summer as much as they could and enjoy it. Once you walked on the street, you will find cheerful people everywhere. Festivals and other events were held, and the Kingdom of Natra during this period of time was constantly laughing until late at night.

However, in contradiction to that, inside the castle, Wayne was slumping down on the desk feeling depressed.

“How did this happen…”

A month had passed since the battle at Girat Gold mine.

Leaving Hagar to defend the mine, Wayne returned to the Kingdom and continued to gather information about Marden, and clearing up a bureaucracy that had accumulated.

The news that Marden was destroyed by its neighboring country, Cabarine, had quickly became known throughout the continent.

Although it was a small country in the north, a country was still a country. Anyone who involved with a country politics would be interested since it would be related to history.

Not to mention, Marden had a Gold mine. It was also well known that they were fighting against the Natra Kingdom over it.
Thus attention was focused on the handling of the Gold mine.

The Kingdom of Natra which had virtually occupied the Gold mine.
The Marden Kingdom could not admit that and contested it.
But unexpectedly Cabarine state ended up destroying Marden.
Naturally, the Gold mine should become Natra land but, whether or not Cabarine willing to acknowledge that was another story…

And today, a meeting between Natra and Cabarine took place, and a conclusion was reached.

“—Excuse me.”

Ninim appeared after she opened the office door.

As soon as she saw Wayne slumped figure on the desk, her expression immediately turns, ‘Ah, I see…’

“Did your talk with Cabarine’s messenger, failed?”

“… It’s failed…”

After responding while groaning, Wayne then stood up and looked at the ceiling.

“I couldn’t sell the Gold mine! Damn it all!”

The plan to sell the mine, in which he had planned to sell the Gold mine to Marden at a high price, such a plan was destroyed by Cabarine who ridiculously destroyed Marden.

However, Wayne didn’t give up. From Cabarine perspective, Marden gold mine should be as good as anyone could get. Rather, they should’ve taken into account to invade for it. In their scenario, they would ambush the Natra army who had been fighting against Marden army, then took all the country including the Gold mine.

Indeed, everything went wrong, including Cabarine. Cabarine should want the Gold mine, that was the logic inside Wayne’s mind. But due to the unexpected war, they think twice.

But Wayne still thought there was an opening. Thus he immediately sent a messenger to Cabarine and tried to establish a meeting place. All of the efforts were to sell the Gold mine at a high price to Cabarine.

However, soon enough, that prospect was being turned over.

“Cabarine state, they failed to kill all the Marden royal family?”

“Yes, it matches with the information we got from our spy. The Marden troops who have withdrawn from the Gold mine gathered, and raising resistance movement against Cabarine I heard.”

“It seems their hands are full just to keep them suppressed. Since in their mind two front warfare against Natra would be dangerous, they actually went all out just to get non-aggression pact with us. They wholly acknowledged the Gold mine belong to Natra–, There’s no room for me to interject at all you know?”

“Oh my, that’s rough indeed.”

Cabarine state was a western country.
Thus Ninim didn’t attend the meeting, but imagining Wayne expression during the meeting made her laugh a little.

“Oi, this is not a laughing matter, you know, Ninim. Look at these documents, people, money, everything was consumed in this war! Thanks to that the national treasury is empty! And the result of all of that hardship is a depleted Gold mine! Aaaaaaargh!”

Ninim walked up to Wayne, who was holding his head in agony, then struck a bundle of papers to his nose.

“Then, here. A present for Wayne.”

“What is this? a super cool girl love letter for me who had won against 30,000 troops?”

“If that is the case, I will tear it up. Those are from Perint.”

The miners who participated in that war were given rewards. In addition, Perint, who was the miners representative, was employed by Natra and worked as the Gold mine supervisor.

“Then it is no big deal of a report, no? Hmm…”

Wayne’s eyes quickly read through the report then stopped…

“They found a new gold vein? Really?”

“I made them investigate it at first just to be sure, but it seems it is true. I won’t say that it would be equal to the Gold mine heyday, but I believe it will turn profitable…”


Hearing that, Wayne leaned back on his chair and exhaled slowly.

“I was thinking how am I going tell the military about the mine already being depleted, I guess I’m saved…”

“I believe it would be fine if that is the case, with Wayne fame and reputation being a compassioned ruler, strong at fighting, and first-class political skills.”

“No no, such reputation means nothing. It will only make someone have a habit of getting failed. Negligence is a great enemy you know, Ninim?”

Ninim showed a bitter smile looking at Wayne response, which showed a stubborn attitude. Even though he was great at war strategy, when he returned home, he going like usual like this. But in her eyes, that was good, since because of that he was able to overcome a lot of national difficulties.

“But still, I see, the Gold mine will turn to be profitable, huh? Then I can relax a little. I’ve been busy all the time since I got home, I should have a little rest now…”

“No can’t do…”

Ninim then put another pile of paperwork in front of Wayne.

“… With this, when am I going to rest?”

“Yeah, I will try and get some help…”


“Also, other ambassadors from the east are requesting a meeting. Consultation on budget reorganization from a government official. The problem of replenishing worn out armaments is also being questioned. Ah, and Franya-sama is lonely. You have to make up the city tour with her which was being postponed due to the war. There is still a lot of work to do, you know?”

She attentively lined up his full schedule.

In spite of overcoming national disaster, Wayne could only sigh and shouted…

“Damn it all! I will definitely sell this country! Aaaaaaaaargh!”

Wayne desperate anguish shout disappeared into thin air in vain.

An upheaval involving the entire continent started from the death of Emperor of Azworld Empire.

In the later era, it would be known as the start of the Genius King Great War.