Genius Prince – v1-c34

Wayne and his unit returned to the top of the mountain.

As soon as he returned, he was welcomed by the soldiers.

“Ooh! Your Highness has returned, I’m glad. Your Highness is fine!”

“Welcome back, your highness!”

“The Marden army has retreated following Your Highness fireworks!”

Many of the soldiers were wounded. Those who died were also not few. However, their expression was still vibrant, they rejoiced at Wayne’s safely return and showered him with praise.

“Everyone did well! Today’s battle is definitely a blow to Marden! Victory is near! Think of this as the last turn around! Focus your mind!”


The soldiers shouted.

After he speaks some words to the soldiers a little, he went to meet the old General Hagar.

“Hagar, you did well during my absence…”

“Thank you for your kind words…”

Hagar bowed with respect.

“I want to hear the current situation. How is everything?”

“Yes, sir. The siege of the Gold mine has been dissolved, and they try to solidify themselves on flatter ground. Currently, there is no appearance for them to make another offense.”

“Right now, they are contemplating who should take charge or should they continue the war, huh?”

“Your Highness still think that Marden would continue the war?”

“No, that is not it.”

Wayne affirmed.

“If they decided that now, they’ve lost a lot of battles and the morale of the soldiers were at rock bottom. Their supplies were also gone. The other commanders would definitely decide to withdraw and place the full responsibility on the dead Drawood. If they decided to take over the command now, they would be blamed for the lost…”

“That is indeed reasonable…”

Hagar nodded.

(And the peace negotiations that began after that… This is the real battle for me…)

This time he must not fail.

Use every skill he had and sell this dirt-cheap Gold mine to Marden.

(To that end, preparation must be made. Ninim should also help…)

Thinking that far, Wayne suddenly realized.

“Come to think of it, where’s Ninim?”

“Ninim-dono, she’s currently checking the overall damage. She should come back soon.”

“I see. Then until Ninim return, I will drink to celebrate the victory…”

When he was about to go and drink, a noise comes from all over the Gold mountain.

Wayne and Hagar immediately glanced at the surrounding.

“What the hell happened?”

“Ah, Y-Your Highness… Look at that!”

The lookout soldier pointed to the flat ground where the Marden army was stationed. Seeing what happened, Wayne shook in astonishment.

Marden army was slowly moving away from them…

“This is… Are they trying to withdraw?”

Turning away from the Natra army had no other meaning than withdrawing.

However, Wayne was concerned. It would be good for the enemy to withdraw sooner. However, one cannot make such judgment too soon. The people that could make such swift judgment should have been dealt with alongside Drawood.

“Hagar, what do you think? Are they trying to trick us?”

“… No, from what I see, they are retreating. In the current situation, Marden army should not be able to perform the sophisticated maneuver.”


Mumumu, Wayne gritted inside his mind.

He was not complaining that Marden army withdraws early. The earlier for them to have a peace talk was the better. However, he still thought that the enemy was up to something…

“Your Highness, about that, it can’t be…”

Suddenly, a soldier standing near him speak.

“Is this war, we have won it?”

Before he noticed, dozens of soldiers were gazing alternately at Wayne and Marden army.

‘What should I say to them.’ Wayne contemplated for a while, and then he decided…

“Listen, everyone! The Marden army is turning their back and escape from us!”

Soldiers who were far from Wayne also started to turn toward him.

“Or maybe they were planning some sneaky strategy! But at this point, I believe they had acknowledged that they cannot fight against us anymore!”

Wayne said that with a powerful voice.

“Therefore, I declare here, this war, the victory belongs to us, the Natra army!”

The surrounding of the Gold mine was silent.

The next moment, soldiers cheered as if every emotion inside them exploded…

“Raise your roar! Let the Marden soldiers who run away know that we are the winner!”

Fueled by Wayne, the soldiers raise their voice. Hearing them up close, it was actually could shake one’s shivered to the bone.

“Are you sure about this?”

Hagar whispered to Wayne.

“We don’t know if the other side is trying to pull some sort of a plan or not, but I have no doubt it won’t start immediately. Still, what we do might raise their morale instead. Hagar, keep vigilant.”


Hagar nodded.

But then, Ninim appeared in front of him while out of breath.

“Your Highness, I finally found you.”

“Ninim, huh? … What’s wrong?”

Wayne feels something extraordinary happened when he sees her in such appearance.

“I heard you were investigating the damage but was it more serious than expected?”

“No, in fact, that was less than expected…”

Ninim shook her head, then continue…

“The problem is not that. Your Highness, the spy that is in the capital of Marden now, have contacted us…”

“Hou… Did Fushtar started slaughtering his vassal or something?”

“They have capitulated…”