Genius Prince – v1-c33

“Why, why are you here?!”

“Of course, to get your head. You can’t do that you know Drawood. Making your headquarter thinly guarded…”


Drawood glared at Wayne then turn his attention the swords at his feet. His body hurt as if it was being burned. His mouth also could feel the taste of iron. However, if he could take the sword. And if he manages to create time, someone might grow suspicious and come. r

“No one will come.”

Drawood body shivered as if he was being seen through.

“My soldiers are guarding the tent, and your soldiers are currently climbing the mountain. They won’t come here unless the tent goes up in flames…”

“You speak as if you’re sure…!”

“Of course, I know… To begin with, I encourage you to do that…”


Wayne shrugged his body while looking at the desperate Drawood.

“After being suppressed a lot of time, how do you feel after engrossed in a liberating feeling? That is the basis of my plan. It is interesting, do you know, it was a lot harder to control a large power compared to a small one? In today great offense, all soldiers had joined the assault and leave the headquarter alone. It is easy for me to see you guys restless gap from above the mountain and find an opportunity in it, in this past three weeks.”


Drawood wanted to open his mouth and argue. Drawood wondered in his mind and realized something…

“But! But, soldiers should’ve been able to confirm if you went down the mountain. If we get that information from the person commanding the unit then…!”

“That is impossible. For them, we’re not going down the mountain.”

To that response, Drawood eyes shook. ‘How did they arrive here if they didn’t go down the mountain?’

“Do you remembered the tunnel?”

Drawood consciousness was hazy, Wayne was trying to explain it as simple as possible…

“… N-No, that can’t be, it should’ve taken a few months to open the blocked tunnel…”

“Next to it…”

Wayne said that sounded happy.

“I’ve asked the miners to dig in advance along the side of the blocked tunnel. Up to the cave.”


Drawood shoulders trembled.

“T-That can’t be…”

“Yes, that collapse was not to block Marden soldiers. It was done to remove the cave from your consciousness…”

Hearing that, Drawood felt many things that he had accumulated as a soldier were collapsing. He understood, as a General, he was not as good as the young man in front of him.

“After that, we just have to open it by digging a little, and put on your army’s equipment, nobody would doubt us as Natra soldiers. Though it was a coincidence that I found Logan along the way here…”

“…Everything went according to your plan, huh?”

He could see it… The sword at his feet. His body still could move.

He admits it. As a General, he lost… But now, the enemy’s neck was within his reach.

“Fu…Fufu, Khu, Fuhahahaha…”

Drawood laughed while spitting out blood.

Laughed and laughed…


He squeezed all of the remaining energy in his body and jumped at the sword near Wayne’s feet.

“Well, I have no plan to go out officially at first but—”

Wayne’s sword penetrated Drawood body.

“I’ve decided that those who insulted my soulmate, shall die…”

One flash.

Drawood head was cut off and rolled down the floor.

“Goodbye, Drawood.”

Wayne wiped the blood off his sword and put it in a sheath.

Raklum took off his helmet and stand next to him, then bowed…

“Very brilliant, Your Highness…”

“You think this degree is excellent? … Wait, why are you crying Raklum?!”

“I’m sorry. It’s just, my heart is trembling due to the beauty of your swordsmanship.”

“… Well, whatever. It is almost time. Well then, the rear soldiers might sense something wrong soon…”

“After this, we burn it as planned?”

“Yes. Set it on fire, on the supplies pile too. If they didn’t notice it soon, our soldiers who are still fighting would be crushed. Let us go immediately…”

“Yes, sir!”

Wayne and the other quickly set the enemy’s headquarter and stockpiles on fire.

The fire quickly swallowed Drawood body as well. Due to the smoke that rose high in the sky, even the soldiers who fought at the top was also able to see it.

“O-Oi, that!” “Isn’t that the main headquarter place?!” “No, that can’t be?!”

Every Marden soldiers remembered what had happened when they received night assault. Therefore, the fear and confusion of the flame spread quickly, and when the death of General Drawood was being confirmed by the commanders who still alive, disorder begins to happen…

Those who still want to fight argue against each other, those who tried to withdraw, those who were stunned. Marden army who lost command had lost all power, they were forced to retreat to the foot of the mountain with many casualties…