Genius Prince – v1-c32

“General, all units have been ready!”

“Ladders have also been distributed.”

“All that remained is to wait for the General’s command.”

Drawood stands in front of all the commanders.

He exhaled and turned his sharp eyes toward everyone.

“Three weeks have passed since the war started. We’ve wasted a lot of time.”

The war that supposedly ended fast ended up being prolonged. Their soldiers had been killed by foul plays, and their supplies had run dry.

“All of it was my mistake. I’ve made all of you going through a hard time.”

After all, the war had been prolonged this much. Perhaps, he won’t receive decent reward himself. On the contrary, there was even the possibility of being punished as a war criminal.

But he didn’t mind those anymore… Everything would be fine for him as long they could beat them.

“The humiliation ends today. Without waiting for the sunset, we will dye the mountain with those barbarians blood. —Advance!”

“”Yes, sir!!””

When the sun was at its peak, the Marden army begins their advance with his signal.

The news of Marden army total assault was immediately being delivered to Wayne at the summit.

“Finally, huh?”

Wayne whispered, he then quickly give instruction to the messenger.

“Discard the defense point at the bottom of the mountain. Gather soldiers on mountain top defense point and solidify our defense.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Tell the miners to destroy the mine tunnel halfway up. Don’t let the enemy get inside the tunnel.”

“Will be done immediately!”

The messenger then left the tent, the one remained inside were Wayne and Ninim.

“Will we be able to endure it?”

“Impossible I guess…”

Wayne response was concise.

“We’ve been able to maintain the war situation by limiting the enemy’s advance route. If they could climb outside the mountain path, it will be down to the difference in strength. If that being the case, there’s no way for us to win.”

“But, that is if we left it like this… Right?”

“That is how it is…”

Wayne smiled.

“I’ll leave the command here to Hagar. Ninim will act as his assistant.”

“Understood. — Don’t die okay, Wayne?”

“My soul is left here. There’s no reason for me to die.”

Wayne left the tent after he stroke Ninim’s hair gently.

Waiting for him was Raklum.

“Your Highness.”

“Raklum, preparation, ready?”

“Yes, sir. You may go anytime.”

Wayne nodded satisfactorily.

“Now, let us go see the idiots.”

The war situation was one-sided.

Freed from mountain road restriction, Marden army used long ladder all over the Gold mine and runs up the slopes one after another. The sight was like a flock of ants climbing a pile of sugar.

Even if Natra soldiers were more skilled, they were greatly outnumbered. They know that they would be pushed back even if they solidify their upper defense point.

“General, our troops manage to overwhelm them in all direction!”

The voice of the messenger was excited as he relayed the news. It was clear that the flow was in Marden favor.

“If that is the case, it is a matter of time before they fall.”

The expression of the commanders and Drawood adjutant were also bright.

Drawood then speaks with strong words to reprove them.

“Don’t let your guard down because of this. We don’t know what kind of a solution those barbarians would do after we corner them.”

He then asked a question.

“We isolated the beck of the mountain properly, right?”

“Yes. In the unlikely event that they tried to escape, we’ve prepared troops to stop them. There was no problem since Logan-dono directly conducting the command.”

“That’s fine then. We can’t let them do however they want anymore. I will let them died here and make a rain of blood.”

When he had exhaled his breath, he saw a few Marden soldiers rushing toward him.

“General! Where’s General Drawood?! An urgent call from Commander Logan!”

A tone of voice that everyone familiar with was being heard. The look of the commanders become tense. Since the war began, an urgent message only filled with bad news. ‘Did something happen behind the mountain?’ Such thought crossed everyone’s mind.

“… Let me listen. Call the messenger.”

“Y-Yes, sir! Oi, the General is here!”

The commanding officer then called the messengers then rushed toward Drawood and kneel down.

“Speak. What happened with Logan?”

“Yes sir, about that—…”

The messenger lowered his body and placed the box, then he casually spilled the content.

Freshly severed Logan’s head was rolling out from it.

“WHA-?!” Everyone thoughts stopped working.

The messenger kicked the ground and closed their gap distance. At the same time drawing their sword. Smooth, just like running water.

“—-Let us meet on the other side.”

The iron blade slashed at Drawood body, making a high pitched sound.

Drawood falls back with his eyes wide open.

His armor hits the ground making a loud sound, and the frozen time finally starts to move.

“Y-You bastard, what are you— Gah?!”

Even when the commanders trying to take their swords out, the remaining messengers cut them faster than they pulling their swords. Furthermore, spears come flying from outside the tent, piercing all the commanders in no time.

“Your Highness, we’ve managed to clean it up.”

“Good work.”

The man who slashed Drawood responded with short words. Then he directed his gaze at the falling Drawood.

“… Huh? You’re still alive?”

Drawood was breathing and gazed at his attacker, while a large amount of blood spilled out of his armor.

“As expected, my sword skill is still lacking… Well, it’s not a big deal.”

“Khu…Guho… Y-You…”

“What? Are you curious as who am I?”

The man took off his helmet. His youthful figure. Drawood remembered him. Yet, he was no doubt wearing Marden armament.

“You bastard… Wayne!”

“This is the first time we meet face to face, General Drawood.”

As he threw his helmet, Wayne Salema Albarest laughed.