Genius Prince – v1-c30

Sensing the presence of uproar, Drawood immediately jumped out of his sleep.

He picked up the sword that was standing next to him and jumped out of the tent. What comes into his vision was fires spreading around the foot of the mountain.

“General! it’s an enemy attack!”

His adjutant comes to Drawood side who was still standing puzzled.

“It was reported a moment ago some Natra soldiers ran down from the mountain and they set the tent on fire and turned back…”

“What did you say?!”

To run down the mountain slope, one would question the person sanity. However, the fire was proof that they had managed to do it.

“How many are they?!”

“We’re not sure, sir! The information is mixed, some say there were hundreds of cavalry, some say less than a hundred…”

If they had hide horses inside the Gol mine, then there can’t be more than a hundred. At most they could have a hundred horses with them… Drawood immediately assessed that and moved to the next question.

“Where are their location now?”

“We don’t know that either! The fire had caused confusion to spread, and due to that, some friendly fire had started to happen, sir!”


Brilliant– It was too brilliant of a skill.

He had to put the confusion down first, but he was wondering where to start first…

Drawood hesitation then disappeared… As if to ridicule his current situation, something happened…


It was sound. Something loud.

Even with the chaos the Marden currently in, they still could hear the sound.

It was something from the Gold mine, it was as if a big thing run down the mountain.

‘It can’t be,’ crossed Drawood mind…

(Are their entire army going to run down at once?!)

First of all, quickly stir up the enemy, then use the main force to destroy the confused enemy. Drawood thought whether such plan was possible, but then he shook his head.

(That’s stupid! Even with this confusion, we have thirty thousand men with us! It is not a number where a mere five thousand could break!)

But the sound of an army-run down the mountain didn’t stop. Then they should’ve some aim. The one that was being targeted by the five thousand men, the one with such worth—…

(— The headquarter here!)

If the army itself was impossible to break, then what about the headquarter?

What if they planned to run through the confused Marden soldiers and try to take the commander’s head.

(It is not impossible but…)

Everything was just a guest he had derived from the situation. However, he had no time to think of it more deeply.

Drawood raised his voice.

“Gather all the troops from the vicinity and form a defensive formation around the headquarter! Those who near the other camp also immediately build a defense position and stand by! Even if one saw the enemy, prioritize to re-group!”

“Y-Yes, sir!”

His aide then quickly speak with the messengers then they immediately spread toward a various direction.

Drawood also directed nearby soldiers to take a defensive formation and turned his angry gaze at the top of the mountain.

“Damn you barbarians. Are you aiming for my neck, as if it would be that easy!”

The movement of the Marden army since then could be said quick.

They formed an iron wall defense and waited for the enemy. But by that time, the rumbling sound stopped.

What was the enemy’s doing? Were they going to attack, or did they going to attack secretly… It wasn’t possible to know everything due to the darkness of the night. Only tension build-up.

However, when the sky begins to brighten, a shock ran through Drawood’s face.

“It can’t be…!”

The Natra army didn’t descend from the mountain.

It was rock and logs that roll down from the top of the mountain. By rolling those rocks and logs they had prepared before the war, they had created an illusion that five thousand soldiers were moving.

But then, what did they use that for?

The answer could be seen in the first defense position at the very end of the mountain road. Natra soldiers once again retake that point.

(… In anticipation of enemy attack, I’ve instructed the soldiers to make a defensive formation on their current spot. However, as a result of that, each unit becomes isolated, and it causes them to be unable to cooperate with the surrounding groups!)

Natra had aimed just that. All of that was too isolated the unit that was in the position of the mountain path first defense point. While they were desperately prepared for defense, Natra’s side quietly regained their position and their goal.

“Those bastards…!”

Marden soldiers knew how hard it was to get that defensive position. Therefore, the effect of losing it was enormous… They didn’t have time to sleep, and when morning arrived, the achievement they had got with much hardship was lost. This causes their morale to drop…

In addition, the damage caused by the night attack was started being reported… There was also the disastrous scene of the friendly fires… Combining the dead and injured, it could reach thousands… And many supplies got burned down as well…

It was considerable damage that cannot be compared to the damage from the tunnel collapse. And it was almost the same trick as the time with the cave-in…


Due to the fact that he was dancing on the palm of the enemy’s hand, Drawood was only able to raise an angry roar…