Genius Prince – v1-c3


“I am tireeeed~!”

It was night time with bright moon floating on the sky.

Wayne who finally finished his work as regent fell into his bed as soon as he arrived in his bedroom.

“Argh, no more~… Why is a regent so busy? If this continue, let’s have a holiday tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow, and forever~…”

“Isn’t it obvious that you can’t?”

Ninim sighed while watching Wayne rolling around on the bed.

“That aside, Wayne, I want to ask something.”

“Unfortunately, today work has ended. I’m going to sleep so Ninim can go back to her room, good night.”

“Just a bit is fine…”

“… No matter what?”

“No matter what.”

Fumu, Wayne muttered and nodded his head.

“Then until you went to bed, you have to speak with Nya~ as an ending.”


“Oh oh? What’s the matter Ninim-nyan? Your curiosity is not that great it seems?”

“… I understand-nyan…”

“Hnnnnn?!I cannot hear you~,… You need to speak louder~… Oi, what are you doing? Wait, wait! My arm, don’t turn it to a weird direction!”

“Don’t get carried away too much-nyan.”

“I-I’m sorry-nyan…”

Wayne unintentionally also ended up using Nyan as his end word.

“Well then, why did you suggest such proposal to that Oppai?”

“Oppai you said… Well, I guess you’re right.”


“… That’s right-Nyan.”

Wayne averted his gaze from Ninim protest.

“Anyway, do you remember the report coming before the meeting?”

“Eh? Yes, of course. It is about an indication that the Imperial Emperor show sign of recovery, no?… Nyan.”

“That is the reason…”

“What do you mean?… Nyan.”

Wayne woke his upper body from his bed.

“Look, Natra is located in one of the artery roads that connect west and east, but in actuality, the road is poor, and not easy to use compared to other artery roads. Thus the priority is low. Therefore, they dispatch those five thousand troops to prevent this country from being taken away by another country until they control another road. And when the turn comes, this country supposedly becomes part of the Empire by the force of diplomacy.”

“That plan collapsed because the emperor fell… Nya.”

“That’s right. The court failed to rule the shocked country, and rebellion began to appear in various places. In order to deal with them, they needed to buy time, even goes as far as building a friendship with a weak country such as Natra.”

“However, what about the Emperor recovery? … I can’t understand, why did they accept to help reorganize the Kingdom army. Just what do they get from strengthening their own enemy? Or they think they could crush us anytime they wanted, even if we strengthen our self a bit?… Nyan.”

Wayne nodded.

“Worst case scenario, they should be able to seize us by force. But that is not their only aim. Natra is only a stepping stone for the Empire, and its purpose is to be used to expand to the west. Now let us think about it, what a large country needed to prepare if they wanted to dominate an entire continent?”

“Things to prepare you said, of course, it’s money, food, equipment, and…”

At that point, Ninim opened her eyes.

She looked at Wayne with a surprised expression which caused him to smile at her.

“That’s right, Viz Brandel aim is—.”