Genius Prince – v1-c29


“Today is the day we will break the enemy!”


On the next day, Marden army immediately launched a fierce offense.

As if to say that there was no such a thing as a loss the other day, he used a tactic that makes use his overwhelming numbers, it is simple; therefore, it is hardly failing. No matter how much Natra army manages to defend themselves, the enemy attack didn’t even change, and before long, the damage spread.

A few days later, Natra soldiers first out of three defense base broke, unable to support them… Natra soldiers retreated upward…

Drawood, who always frowning every time he received a report, finally smiled, and Marden soldiers finally felt some movement which brought relief to the whole army.

—, And Wayne didn’t want to miss that opportunity…


“Yes, sir.”

In the middle of the night when full moon floats above their head, Wayne and Raklum stand side by side on the summit.

They oversaw the Marden army sleeping from above… The nightwatchman was being set up, but one could feel a certain carelessness there. But of course, that was reasonable. They were surrounded by a large force, even if there was a possibility of being attacked in the middle of the night, it never happened. Tonight was a pleasant night, in which a good time to reward the other party with arrows. It was natural for a peasant-based army for being careless.

That was why Wayne told Raklum.

“Make it showy. But, don’t do it like what you did in Porta wilderness.”


Raklum nodded and jumped on his horse.

Their horse had been brought to the top of the Gold mine mountain beforehand, and 30 horsemen were waiting for orders standing behind Raklum.

“Let us get started. — Soldiers, Follow me!”

Thirty horsemen ran down the mountain’s slope at night following Raklum lead.

The plan was then to go down the mountain quickly riding horses, then light up the enemy’s tents with torches, spread the fire while keep moving and not getting caught.

That was the instruction Raklum had received from Wayne.

But at the time he was being briefed of the plan, it was not that simple.

“I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned from observing the enemy’s movement..”

Placement and patrol range of the night guards. A place where the unit had low proficiency, where they were going to aim. Prediction of how a fire would spread from looking at the wind direction. Routes intrusion, progression, escape plan…

Raklum cannot hide his admiration while hearing the explanation from Wayne and looking at the pieces put on top of the map.

What Wayne said was something understandable if he takes time and observes the Marden army. However, how many people could actually do something like that?

In addition, Wayne had actually ordered them to practice to run down the mountain slope even before the battle broke out. Which meant, he had already pictured the situation since then…

“That is all for the plan. Do you have any question?”

Of course, there was none.

All Raklum had was confidence that the operation would succeed.

— And, now.

Thirty Natra soldiers run through the Marden army caused massive confusion…

“W-What’s going on?!” “Wake up! Put the fire out!” “The fire spread too fast” “I saw cavalry throwing the fire!” “Where are they now?!”

Ragging shout keeps flying around from Raklum’s surroundings.

But that was all… When the Marden soldiers recovered from the turmoil, hold their bows and swords, Raklum and his men had already far away…

“Commander, the plan is a success to the point that it is funny…”

Elated voices come from behind Raklum…

Looking at the situation, it was unquestionable that the plan went smoothly… Their units had run down the mountain slope and rush into the Marden army’s camp where the soldiers sleep not letting the enemy respond… As a result, the fire continues to spread without anyone blocking it.

“Hahaha, look at those Marden soldiers. They are moving around without weapons on their hands…”

“Thanks to that we’re saved. I have to thank their stupidity…”

Perhaps because the operation went well, there was room for the raid members to speak about…

But contrary to them, Raklum was nervous…

It was due to Wayne information that the plan went smooth, the Marden army could be said as a calm sea, and this act would make the wave raging. However, making the wave raging may cause it harder to read the ocean current.

Against 30,000 men, 30 men could only be considered as small pebbles. And if they make a mistake reading the change in the ocean current, it would be inevitable that they would be crushed in an instant.

However, that was why Raklum was chosen as the commander of the unit.

“–Turn left!”

Following Raklum’s instruction, the cavalry simultaneously turns left. Looking at the small hill where they were heading previously, there were a hundred of Marden soldiers ready to block their path. Had they continue to move toward that direction, they would be stopped.

“As expected of commander Raklu, you have a good nose…”

“As if I would let his highness plan being painted by mud due to my fault…”

Raklum muttered bluntly…

“… It’s about time, huh?”

As if to respond to his words, the eerie sound was coming from the Gold mine.

“Alright then, all members, escape formations!”

Horse legs had limits. After disrupting the Marden army, they must escape before the legs stop entirely. And the signal for that was the sound they heard from the Gold mine. In the first place, the rumbling sound had a different meaning, but that was a separate operation…

“Don’t break the formations! We’re going back to the foot of the mountain at once!”

“Yes, sir!”

Without changing their movement and formation, Raklum and his men turned around, heading toward a completely different direction from the Gold mine.