Genius Prince – v1-c28

“– Failed you said?”

Drawood’s face lost color as he heard the report.

“Yes, sir… As directed, we’ve surrounded the cave, and then we found dozen of Natra soldiers appeared. Then under the command of commanding officer Angrill, we chased after those who fled to the cave, and reached inside the tunnel…”

“Then, what… What happened?!”

“… Cave-in happened, sir. The tunnel collapsed along with commanding officer Angrill and a hundred soldiers…”


Drawood smacked his lips, clutched his fist, and smashed the table.

“Those bastards– Damn it, Damn it, Damn it!”

That alone was not enough to stop Drawood anger, as he stood up, he kicked the chair.

“Those bastards who don’t even know the teaching of the God, to think they would make a fool out of me this much…!”

“General, please calm down…”

“I-Indeed… It is, indeed, unfortunate to lose Angrill. However, the damage is only 100 men. It was a hundred among the ten of thousands of men…”

There was some truth in the commanders’ remarks. Although there were some death and injuries since the start of the war, more than 20,000 men still could fight. Even if they lost 100 men here, nothing would change much…

“Indeed, I’m sure that the Natra army would celebrate for this. However, that is a misconception. If you think one hundred people was enough to block their escape route, then, in the end, we’re the one who going to win…”

Hearing those words, Drawood finally regains his composure. After exhaled a heavy breath, he fixed the fallen chair and sit back.

“… I guess as you guys have said. A hundred people… Only a hundred people.”

Then he turns at the messenger.

“Is it possible to restore the collapsed tunnel?”

“In the report, it would take one or two months…”

“Then it is no better than a dead road in this war…”

He then gazed at the top of the tent. He scowled thinking about the summit of the gold mine.

“Go and enjoy your festive, you barbarians. This kind of wound has no effect on my army!”

“— This is good.”

Wayne laughed inside the tent atop of the mountain.

“Is it, really? Despite they were only 100 men out of 30,000 men?”

Ninim was in doubt. Though because they were only the two of them present, her tone was less formal.

“As Ninim says, the damage to the Marden army in terms of military strength is definitely minor. Even with us collapsing the tunnel on last minutes, the tunnel was after all a narrow one. Though the miners are indeed worked very well, I didn’t hope for any more result than this…”

He stopped for a brief moment, then continue…

“In the first place, I’m not aiming at the enemy’s soldiers…”

Hearing that, Ninim tilted her head.

“Then what are you aiming if not the soldiers?”

Then Wayne tapped his chest with his thumb lightly.

“The heart of the General who led the enemy’s army. That is where I tried to hit…”

Having understood what that meant, Ninim showed a convincing expression.

“I see, that is why you asked me to investigate the enemy’s General in detail, huh?”

“Indeed. To understand Drawood quickly, he is an elite of a foreign party known as Stella, and he is obsessed with the teaching of Leviatianism. Which make him obviously thought Natra as a country of barbarians…”

“… That being said, due to the slow process of the recapture of the Gold mine, he would feel considerable stress…”

“Then, at such a critical moment, he got information about a tunnel that leads into the Gold mine. It was a chance for him to recover… But Drawood held back. He thought he won’t be satisfied just by sending the soldiers in, he also wants to prove that he was more superior than the Barbarians…”

“As a result, he is being humiliated even more…”

“That’s how it is.”

Wayne sees a map extended on his deks. The enemy’s piece was lined up in a row. Compared to that, the peace placed on the Gold mine location was small.

“I have no way of defeating 30,000 men with just 5,000 men…”

‘However,’ Wayne continued…

“If it is the commander of the 30,000 men, then I can….”

Wayne’s finger then squeezes a piece in the back of the enemy’s line.

“If we wound his mind and heart enough, it will confuse his judgment. The more Drawood gets hurt, the slower the Marden army moves, and it will slowly turn into a situation that is favorable for us…”

Ninim shrugged her shoulders while looking at him, who played the piece with his hand.

“I’ve been thinking about this since a long time ago, Wayne, you really have a bad personality…”

Hearing that, Wayne laughed…

“To tell you the truth, I’m proud of that…”