Genius Prince – v1-c24

Ninim appeared at the entrance of the Gold mine, where Perint and Raklum had a discussion.

“Captain Raklum, his Highness is calling. Also, Perint-san needs to come as well…”

“Understood. I will be right there immediately…”

Raklum had many tasks on him that needed to be done, not only as commanding officer he also had the duty to negotiate with the mine’s residents, among others. However, if Wayne called, that would be a different story. Raklum immediately heads toward the hall with Perint.

“Raklum-dono, may I ask something?”


Raklum had spent a lot of time with Perint one of the miners’ representatives, in term of business, they were able to speak in a friendly manner…

That was why Perint was able to ask the question naturally…


“That Fulham girl, is she his Highness’ beloved concubine or something?”


At that moment, Raklum stopped walking, and the atmosphere freeze.

Perint immediately understood that he had done something rude, and he was prepared to die when he saw Raklum hand reached to the handle of his sword hanging on his waist.

“… Perint-dono, come to think of it, you’re from Marden…”

“… That’s right.”

Perint nodded slowly… He was excused from immediate death, but he still feels that death was just under his skin, causing him to shiver…

“If so, then it is no wonder… After all, Fulham people are not being treated well in the west.”


“Ninim-dono is an irreplaceable person for His Highness. Certainly, there’s an aspect that makes people think that she is his concubine, to him she is more than an important aide and a peerless friend.”

“That’s… I see it seems I’ve said something rude…”

“No, there’s nothing to apologize. Rather, it makes me noticed… Unlike the Royal Palace, not many people know Ninim here.”

Raklum closed his eyes for a while as if he was in deep thought.

“Perint, His Highness the Regent is a kind person, truly worthy of service. But as with all Kings, His Highness also had things that should not be touched by others…”


“As far as I know, there had been three people, who had been openly insulting Ninim…”

“… And?”

“They are gone…”

Perint immediately understood what those words meat.

“Perint, I have no authority to order you. Therefore, this is a request, I would like you to be careful with what you said…”

“… I’ll keep that in mind. But still, if someone were to slip their mouth…”

“At that time…”

Raklum slapped the handle of his sword.

“There’s a thing that is called hidden malicious intent. Anyway, that person would not be the first one who ended up burned by the breath of an angry dragon…”


Print fell silent, before long the two arrived in front of the office where Wayne had waited…

“Your Highness, Raklum and Perint have arrived…”

“Come in.”

Raklum then entered the room with Perint followed. Perint’s expression looked a bit tense, probably because the previous conversation had affected him a little… Seeing Wayne appearance sitting in his chair, both men kneeled down…

“We’ve come following your Highness call…”

” Please order me anything…”

In response to the two words, Wayne nodded lightly…

“Have you both heard about the last negotiation with Marden?”

“Yes, sir. We’ve heard.”

“Then this will be fast. A confrontation against Marden will be inevitable. From now on, the details will be explained during the war council, but we might have to hole up inside the mine and fight. Thus there are somethings that I want the two of you to do.”

Wayne smiled, and then he explained the plan.