Genius Prince – v1-c23

On the other side, what was Wayne actually doing…

“This is bad, really bad~!”

Contrary to his sister’s thought, he was writhing inside his room.

“I’ve done it, I’ve flawlessly screwed it! To think he would withdraw just from that, are you for real?! Ah, nooo!!”

“Like I said, it is not good to be too greedy, no?”

Ninim response, unlike Wayne, she was calm, though her face remained stiff…

“Furthermore! It has become a rumor! The content of the meeting I mean!”

“We didn’t actually order a gag order after all…”

While distracted by the diplomatic failure, the contents of the meeting were being spread to the army and the miners by the soldiers who guard the meeting.

Moreover, judging from the content of the meeting, they spread rumors that said, ‘His Highness had rejected Marden proposal who tried to forcefully took the gold mine, and His Highness did all of that in consideration of the people and soldiers.’

As if that was not enough, the guard who idolized Wayne become more hyped, they make the rumors sound like Marden was a barbaric and savage nation, while Wayne was like a kind sage, a ruler that understood the way of the heaven.

As a result of that…

“Damn, Marden. To think they tried to insult the soldiers who died protecting the country, no matter the reason, are they monsters?”

“Even if the outer surface is covered with money, it still cannot hide one own vulgar heart.”

“Indeed, still, as expected of His Highness. Even if he was being offered as much gold as the national budget, I heard he still stubbornly shake his head and refuse it.”

“He is indeed someone we could feel proud of. We cannot let His Highness decision smeared with mud!”

Right now, the military morale was at the highest. The miners have also shed tears of deep emotion, and they also provided their names in the hope to be helpful to the crown prince.

“This is not the atmosphere where we could withdraw… I just want to sell the gold mine and make a lot of money, just why did this happen…”

Wayne lays down on the desk without energy…

Ninim then speaks to comfort him…

“… But still, I think this is good. This time I disagree…”

“W-What?! Which part of it is good?! I missed the opportunity to impose a massive debt on them, you know?!”

“But for that, you will hurt the pride o the military by swallowing the enemy’s demand. In the long run, it might bite back during Wayne’s rule.”

“No no, I have no plan ruling for such a long time in the first place, and if I take the throne, I will do my best to sell it to the Empire, huh? Wait, don’t try to stick that potato in my nose!”

Wayne could stop Ninim by snatching the potato with his hand.

“Anyway, what matters now is to find a way to withdraw from this mine. But the problem now is that we’d missed our best opportunity, this time it would be critical at when we’re withdrawing…”

“Since the army now entered the mood of do-or-die resistance, we cannot withdraw without any result…”

“I heard Marden going to lead a large army. If they see the difference in strength, like it or not the feeling of not being able to fight would become stronger…”

“But the morale of the army is at the highest you know? Won’t that kind of thing inspired them instead?”

“–To stop the battle, I think it is worth a try…”

Wayne muttered those words filled with dissatisfaction.

“If blood flows, morale would naturally fall. And even with our negotiation fails, Marden would want to end this war as soon as possible. If we manage to force them into a stalemate, we may be able to make peace and buy the gold mine…”

“You’re not given up yet?”

“There’s no way I can give up here~… The cost of our expedition is so high that if I can get some money from somewhere, I would do anything!”

“Yes, yes, I understand. Then, I will keep an eye on the Marden movement trend, and we should hurry with the preparation for siege battle, is that all good?”

“That’s good enough…”

Wayne nodded his head in response.

“Also, we have someone within the Marden royal palace, right?”

“Yes, it is just a small group of Mardia and Stella, but…”

“Do support the Stella and try to fuel them for early recapture of the mine. I don’t mind if it is seen as something unnatural…”

“I’ll arrange it.”

“And next I need to talk about Raklum and Perint position…”

“Understood, I will call them…”

Ninim then turns her heels and leave the office room.

Wayne, who was left alone, played with potato in his hand while looking at the ceiling.

“The next battle, I can’t leave everything to Hagar… I guess I should move, this time?”