Genius Prince – v1-c2


“Viz Brandel was an ambassador originally dispatched to Vanhelio.”

As he walked through the court hall, Ninim tells the information in regard to ambassador Viz Brandel to Wayne.

“Vanhelio, which mean the great country of the west. Why is she in this country then?”

Because they were in the hallway right now, where public eye might see them, the two of them interacted just like that master and servant. But for the two of them, they already accustomed to it.

“It seems she had got herself involved in a political dispute in her home country. And the Imperial Highness changed her post to Natra. Though looking at her rise to power, she seems to be among the elite.”

“But still, Natra is a rural and boring country.”

“Unexpectedly, the person herself seems to enjoy her situation. She always said that, if its to get away from central politics then she would welcome it.”

Wayne smiled wryly.

“I see. Whatever the circumstance, it is good that people from other country like our country. … Still then if she is that excellent, the meeting won’t be a simple straight one.”

“As a matter of fact, it will be difficult… After all, the imperial army also still being stationed here…”

‘Right,’ Wayne muttered that word while sighing.

In the first place, why was the Empire stationed their army in Natra you ask?

Although publicly it was said lending our land for military training, the real truth was of course not that.

There were several factors, and it traced to the delicate location of the Natra Kingdom.

One, roughly speaking it functions as a gate. Within Vuno continent of course.

Long mountain range, called Giant Spine extend from the north to the south, dividing the continent into two part. The mountain range function as a barrier between east and west where the national constitution, race, custom, and culture were different significantly.

Of course, because of that, it was hard to go back and forth. Many roads have been developed in the past. But those roads were small roads for peddling and individual uses.

If one compared such road as a vein, then the road where thousands or ten million soldiers can come and go would be called artery. Of course, the road categorized as artery numbered only a few, that was why such artery road had great value, and it was important to guard. And such a road can be said to be indispensable for a country that aimed for supremacy within the continent.

And the Natra Kingdom was built on one of such artery, located on the northernmost of the continent.

Such a place cannot be left alone for the Empire that aimed for the unification of the continent.

(What should I do I wonder~…)

A considerable amount of money was paid to Natra when the imperial army was stationed. After all, they cannot just unilaterally stayed. However, having a foreign country military stayed within one own country, it felt like a blade was being pointed at one own throat. Not to mention it caused the people to feel uneasy, and the Kingdom Army also didn’t see it favorably.

And now, since Wayne had taken over the reign, the military had hoped for him to make the Empire withdraw.

Of course, Wayne himself could understand their feeling. There was a concern in regard to national defense, and a matter of national dignity as well. However, Wayne also had a reason why he didn’t move according to those wishes

The reason for that was…

(I want to sell my flattery to the empire!)

That was it.

(It is troublesome to oppose a large country, and the cost of stationing garrison force would be reduced. For me, I have no objection about the current contract…)

Because he was studying abroad, Wayne was deeply knowledgeable about the Empire, and the difference of the national power between the Empire and the Kingdom.

However, it would be a problem if he also didn’t keep up with the military’s expectation.

(The reason why my inauguration as the Regent ended up smoothly was because of the retainer expect something from me. If I wage my tail to the empire this early in the office, they would feel disappointed. Especially the military officers, they might cause a coup.)

One cannot pick two sides…

While thinking that, Wayne realizes that Ninim who accompanied him since earlier had disappeared somewhere.


“–Excuse me.”

When he called, Ninim appeared from behind the shadow.

“We receive information from the spy dispatched to the Empire.”

“Information? What kind?”

She then held out the letter. Wayne took it and read it.

“… Hee~…”

When reading it, Wayne raised his eyebrows.

“This information, certainly, the ambassador should also know about it… Which mean…”

After he closed the letter he began to walk immediately.

“Let’s go Ninim, I’ve decided on the policy.”

“Ha~… But, what kind of policy are you talking about?”

‘It is decided.”

Wayne laughed when he said those words and continue…

“We’re all in.”

“It has been a while, your highness.”

It was Viz and her assistant who greeted Wayne and Ninim.

“I’m finally able to meet with you once again, but let me introduce myself again, I am the Azworld Imperial Ambassador, Viz Brandel.”

“The Kingdom of Natra Prince, Wayne Salema Albarest.”

They bid each other and took their seats. It was Viz who started the talk first.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. We also congratulate your Highness on having been appointed as regent smoothly. I was keenly aware that the health of his majesty had caused the populace to panic. That’s why your Highness is like a ray of light pierce through the dark clouds.”

“Thank you, ambassador Brandel. I feel there’s too much of hope being placed on this shoulders. But I will try not to betray their expectation. In that regard, I hope we can cooperate with each other in order to build a stronger relationship between the Kingdom and Empire.”

“Of course, your Highness.”

Their talk began peacefully.

Wayne and Viz continue to exchange informal conversation. At the same time, as an ambassador and head of state, they both tried to measure each other during their conversation. It feels like they were doing some joint work.

However, at the same time, everyone in the place felt that the place had spicy tension to it.

Everyone inside the room understands. They greatly concerned and waited for one of them to bring the main subject to the discussion.

(… Indeed, her breast is impressive…)

While Exchanging words with Wayne, Viz felt her opponent watchful gaze.

(Inexperienced and young rulers usually only wanted immediate result… However, he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He also didn’t try to prove that he is higher in position, showing he has enough room… Though he’s still a regent, I already can feel the dignity of a king…)

They both probe each other calmly. But no matter what, one cannot accurately guess each other true heart. Or at least, he didn’t have the depth she actually thought he had.

(It seems it would be dangerous if I don’t take this seriously…)

Viz increased her vigilance and tighten her mind.

While Viz had such thought, Wayne also came to a strong conviction.

(Her breast is really big…)

It was the worst conviction.

(I didn’t realize it before because we only greet each other, but as expected of a big shot, despite being just a lump of fats, it has a certain dignity to it. As expected of someone coming from the prosperous Empire. Compared to that…)

Wayne glanced at Ninim behind his seat. Especially, at her modest chest.

(… The difference in strength is obvious.)

Clak, The feather pen which Ninim held flew and hit the back of Wayne’s head.


“Your Highness?”

“Ah no, I just feel headache somehow. It seems the lack of sleep has finally caught up to me.”

To keep the guest didn’t realize what had happened, Ninim immediately handed a document to Wayne. In the corner of the papers, there was Ninim writing, she wrote, ‘Do it seriously.’

Rather than that, Wayne actually curious why his thought was easily being read. While Wayne realizes how terrifying was the thing known as woman intuition, Viz smiled at him.

“— But still, I’m delighted. To tell you the truth, I was unsure whether or not we could build a good relationship with your Highness, but after having exchanging words like this, it seems that was an unnecessary concern.”

“I’m glad if that is what you think, ambassador. If we have confidence that our countries relationship is strong then, one of my trouble would be clear.”

“Oh my… As expected. it seems the trouble when it comes to ruling never end eh?”

“I feel like I’m going to be swallowed by the sea. People’s lives, relationship with other countries and lords, military skills, financial resource, industry… I have a lot of things to think about…”

“… That much.”

Viz’s eyes shined sharply.

“Was the Imperial army stationed in the garrison worried you as well?”

The atmosphere tensed.

The prelude was over, now the real battle start.

(Now, how are you going to reply?)

While Viz watching him intently, Wayne opened his mouth.

“I think the first priority is to maintain the relationship with the Empire.”



Cutting her words, Wayne continues talking.

“It is also true that our military has a strong concern about the status quo, having another country army within our border.”

Hearing Wayne’s words, Viz was not surprised.

Up until now, it was within her expectation. He makes sure to save the face of the Empire and at the same time looked good to the military authorities. To that end, he would perhaps demand money or supplies to draw a concession. She had prepared to such an extent.

That was why Viz showed a slight surprise when she heard Wayne next words.

“Therefore, I need to get rid of that concern.”

“Huh?… Get rid of it?”

“Yes. As I said before, I place importance on the relationship between our countries. That was why we need to bury such concern and fill the gap between the Imperial army and our Natra Kingdom army. Am I right?”

“… Indeed you’re right.”

Viz thought that was bad. It was apparent there was some intention behind it, but she could not understand it, and unable to take the lead on the conversation. However, this was not the time she should regain back the lead, or so she had thought.

“That is why with this opportunity I’m planning to restructure the Kingdom Army.”

“Reorganize the military?”

“I do not wish to expose our shame, but our army is not very strong. Because we have little experience in combat. And that immaturity and ignorance are the cause of friction and conflict between the imperial army and our army, which prevent mutual understanding.”

“And to get rid of that, reorganization is it?”

“That is right. However, just reworking the Kingdom Army would not produce progress or the change we needed. In addition, we lacked the money to perform it…”

Wayne laughed bitterly…

“And there ambassador Brandel role comes in. Would you provide us with the Imperial Know-how and funds to help my Kingdom Army?”

Hearing Wayne’s words, not only Viz but even her aide and Ninim eyes turned wide open.

(What kind of stupid thing are you talking about?! There’s no way such request would pass!)

While Viz’s aide shouted those words inside his mind, Ninim also knitted her eyebrows looked angry.

(Strengthening the Kingdom army using the Empire’s know-how. Not to mention, the funds also coming from them, there’s a limit even for a request. Or is he going to lower his demand from here?)

Two people instinctively turn their skeptical gaze toward Wayne.

However, Wayne looked unfazed. He was convinced that his proposal was still within reason. And it was Viz response that surprised the two instead.

“…Is it true that the conflict would be eliminated?”

“If the Empire could show sincerity, it would resonate within our people. And I will also personally make an effort to get rid of it.”


Viz then fell into silence. Under the gaze of the other three, she opened her mouth after thinking fiercely about it.

“I understand. As for the detailed proposal, we will work on it from now on… Your Highness, we accept your proposal.”

“Thank you, ambassador. As I thought, you would understand.”

Ninim and Viz’s aide could not hide their surprised expression while looking at their masters shook hands firmly.