Genius Prince – v1-c17

Ninim Raleigh was early.

She always wakes up before dawn.

This was the era when the light was very valuable. Also, during the expedition, they need to avoid to waste wax and oil. The best solution for that was to start working as soon as the sunrise.

And for Ninim, the first thing she would do was to cleanse herself in the bathroom.

“… Fuuh~…”

One week had passed since Natra army occupied Girat Gold mine.

She had become accustomed to the structure of this temporary building which previously being used by the mine manager, thus making business delay decreased. Thanks to that, it was also possible for her to enjoy bathing.

However, because this was during a military campaign, she was only able to really just bathing. It was impossible for her to totally immersed in hot water, or using perfumed oil on her skin to make her smell sweet. Sometimes, as a woman, she wanted more time for such luxury, but she was held down by her rationality as an assistant.

(Well then, I have to wake him up soon…)

Ninim got out of the bathtub, wipe the water off, and get ready.

As he went don the hallway, her destination was Wayne’s bedroom.

“Aide-dono. You’re early as usual…”

The security guards stood in front of the door.

“If I overslept, it would be late to wake him up. Were there anything suspicious while you guys on guard?”

“No, there’s none. It was quiet…”

“Then that’s fine. I will go in…”

The soldiers then moved away from the door, and Ninim stepped into Wayne’s bedroom.

The room was simple. The reason was that the day they received the building, it seems they had collected everything that may be turned into money. Nonetheless, the original lord had brought much with him when he fled, but there was no problem.

Though this room was, without a doubt, the second most important in the Kingdom of Natra. It was the room where Wayne Salema Albarest sleep.

“… Wayne.”

She put her face close to her ear and whispered his name.

Wayne didn’t get up. Though she knew. That he likes to sleep and hard to wake up. And if she leaves it alone, he would even sleep until the sun rises high in the sky.

The only way to prevent that was to open the windows curtain, bring light into the room and cheerfully wake him up in his ears. With that, he would then crawl out of the blanket.

However, Ninim didn’t do that immediately. She was staring at Wayne sleeping face who had used one of his hand as his pillow where he rests his cheek.

She spent some time gazing at Wayne’s sleeping figure. It was Ninim special time that she sometimes did.

“N… Mya~…”

Wayne spilled some voice while sleeping. She wondered what he had a dream about. And since he had a soft expression, she knew that it was not a nightmare.

(Maybe, he dream of me?)

She didn’t know if that was the case, but somehow, she felt happy.

(I guess I will make today’s breakfast with Wayne’s favorite food.)

There was a full-time cook at the Royal Palace, but during the expedition, Ninim was the one who prepared Wayne’s food. Although Ninim skill was inferior compared to the full-time chef at the Royal Palace, her food still good enough for the crown prince to eat. And she would always prepare some elaborate dishes in her own way.

While thinking of such a good imagination, Wayne sleep talk with a loose face.

“Boobs… Big… Fluffily…”


Ninim involuntarily touches her own chest.

She was kind of flat and not wholly fluffy.

Thus she decided that she would make the full course for the breakfast, but with foods that Wayne’s disliked.

Ninim then looked at his face again to clear her mind from resentment.

(… He looked more masculine than before.)

She was thinking such thought while brushing his bangs with her fingertips.

(He has grown tall. When we’re little, we had the same height, but before I knew it, he had grown taller, and his body turn firm…)

On the other hand, her height had stopped growing. Her face and physical appearance also change into more feminine. Though one should never mention the chest region.

Speaking of Wayne, since he was a child and even now, he didn’t care about genders, sometimes he would grab her shoulders, or holding her, and sometimes exposing his upper body…

She was happy that they didn’t grow apart, but whenever he did something like that, she would feel hazy and her heartbeat would raise.

Sometimes she wondered whether he was aware of that or not. Though she thinks he didn’t notice it. But sometimes, she also feels that he was doing that on purpose. Thinking that she was considering to draw something on his face, but decided not to do it.

(… It seems it’s about time.)

Ninim quietly distanced herself from Wayne, and open the windows curtain, letting the light entered the room.

Wayne, feeling the light fell on his face, groaned…

“Wayne, wake up. It’s morning.”

That was the end of the time where Ninim could monopolize him.