Genius Prince – v1-c15

“If we had a moderate victory, I would be able to stop it…”

Ninim said those words while looking apologetic at Wayne who was groaning.

“Or else, if I just capture the enemy General, we could start the post-war negotiations, and ended the war peacefully. … I’m sorry, Wayne.”

“He ignored your surrender recommendation, right? You can’t help it, there’s no use for us to worry about that now…”

“… I guess you’re right.”

“The problem is after this. First of all, recheck the situation of the gold mine defense.”

“Review the supply lines and keep the morale of the troops as high as possible.”

“We’re going to take the gold mine before Marden manages to recover itself.”

It was easy to say that, but no matter what, it was something hard to do…

Even if they planned ahead, they would still have to fight a series of battles. They would have a high chance of stumbling somewhere. However, in reality, because they stumble, there was a chance for him to suggest withdrawal.

That was what Wayne thought, in which Ninim also seems to agree.

— However.

“We actually took it.”


The two people looked out of the window together…

It was a huge shadow that looked like piercing the night sky full of stars.

The name of the huge shadow was Girat Gold Mine. It was a gold mine of Marden, which was starting today being occupied by Natra Kingdom army.

Right now the two people were inside a mansion located at the foot of the mine.

“… I can’t believe the defense here that weak!”

“I’m also surprised… To think they would run away after we hit them a little…”

“I guess that is because the person who manages this place had cut the budget somewhere… King of Marden should’ve watched this place more carefully…”

“Even if you said that there’s nothing we could do. Rather than thinking that, we should think about what to do from here on out…”

“I guess you’re right…”

With such an unexpected big issue on their hands, Wayne and Ninim could only sigh in unison.