Genius Prince – v1-c12

“— Ambassador, emergency!”

The aide was rushing into Viz’s residence when she was reading the information that Natra and Marden had started a war.

“Being in a hurry like that, what’s the matter?”

“About that crown prince, I got an outrageous document about him! Look at this!”

Viz received the material from her aide.

“Didn’t ambassador said that something was missing when you examined the document about that crown prince? This is the answer to that!”

Viz, who was reading the material while listening to her aide’s words, opened her eyes wide.

“Attending the military academy?!”

“That’s right, that crown prince had attended the military academy in the Empire for two years!”

‘Impossible,’ such a strong feeling suddenly swirls inside Viz. However, the material in her hand told her it was a fact.

“To enter a military school, the heart of the army, why? they are not a vassal country, yet their royal member could…”

“I don’t know the details yet, but it seems he hid his identity as a crown prince, and it seems he had passed the test as a commoner. Though some teachers seem to realize his status but…”

“How did he get enrolled, then?”

“It seems a high ranking Fulham in the Empire devised accommodation. For the Fulham, the Kingdom of Natra was a country that accepted them early on… Even though some manage to gain a position in the Empire, they seem to sympathize toward the royal family which the country protected many of their same race.”

That was the most likely story. Fulham familial feeling was particularly strong.

However, there was still some point that didn’t fit the bill…

“But if that the case, was there the need to delete some information from the documents? I believe there’s another problem, but…”

“That was not all of it. Please see the continuation…”

Told by her aide, Viz turns the page of the material in her hand. It was the result of the test conducted during his two years stay in the school.

“This is…”

Viz doubted her eyes. Literature, history, mathematics, swordsmanship, military history. The school had given excellent result for all the exam imposed, one name supposedly written as the top student.

“When I got it, it was already like that. The name of the top student was deliberately being erased…”

Why did they do such a thing?

A flash of thunder fell in front of such a question.

“So, the reason why they erased it, this is why, huh? In order to hide that a foreigner, especially a member of a royal family of another country, had reigned at the top over the Empire’s own people…!”

To think such a thing happen, was it possible? Could such absurd thing happen?

The Empire was nurturing itself. The fangs that may reach its own throat.

And the name of that fangs was…

“Wayne Salema Albarest…!”