Genius Prince – v1-c11

“Natra soldiers won’t hold long?”


Hagar told Wayne plainly in the war council.

“With the teachings of the Empire, the Natra Kingdom army has become significantly stronger. Perhaps, we could gain an edge over the Marden army for sometime when the war started. However, in three koku, the thread of the momentum would break…”


“Because most of the soldiers have not experienced battlefield…”

Hagar affirmed…

“The coldness of the air, the blood that spilled, and the murderous intent… On the battlefield, the mind would worn out more than the body. Then, what came after, their field of view becomes narrow, the surrounding sound didn’t enter their ears… Their reaction to cooperation and instruction would then become dull. When that happens, it can be said that our army strength will be halved…”

“Can we solved that with training?”

“No matter how much we train…”

Hagar shook his head.

“There are too many things in the battlefield that they need to experience with their own body…”

“… Which mean, when it comes to holding out, Marden is higher than us, huh? They had experience in a war, even though it was just skirmishing…”

“Yes. And unless they are being led by a foolish General, I believe they will not miss the opportunity to cut the thread. In this war, the turning point would be how fast we could remove Marden army before that happen…”

“I hope they are being led by a foolish General like you said then…”

Wayne said those words while sighing…

Of course, such one-sided wish of Wayne would never reach…

(—The pressure has fallen!)

Urgio immediately felt Natra army movement.


“I know! Ten seconds, wait!”

The fight had started with 6,000 of Natra men, against 7,000 Marden men.

Due to the beginning disaster, the force now had balanced five thousand against five thousand. It had fallen to almost equal.

But if Natra pressure force had fallen, they could regain and come out strong here.

But, That was not enough. Perhaps it won’t end with complete breakthrough before sunset, then they would need to start over. If that happens, they need to fight against Natra army who had restored their energy from the beginning again…

(The opportunity is here and now. Now is the time. If that the case then—)

(This is bad.)

On the other hand, Wayne anxiety had reached its climax.

The reason was not that the power of Natra Kingdom had waned.

It was because the Marden army was able to reverse the situation.

It would take time to correct it. And if the enemy moves during that time—

(Please, don’t let them notice…!)

Wayne prayed to heaven with all of his heart.

However, Wayne’s prayer was in vain, Urgo’s eyes had quickly caught on it after looking at the battlefield.

(The front, become thin?)

Natra army was struggling to maintain its formation. And the strength of the center was decreasing.

Why… His mind which asked for the reason immediately give an answer. Natra army had made the central force to the right wing to destroy the enemy’s left wing. However, the momentum fell before they succeeded. As a result, they got stuck in a stalemate while the central force had thinned as a result.

Inside Urgio’s mind, victory was inevitable. They will make it. The moment he was convinced, he shouted.

“Tell the commanders leading each wing, they need to stop the enemy and halt their movement! The center is rebuilding the formation! We will charge as soon as we finish!”

“Yes, sir! Where should we aim?”

“It’s obvious…”

Urgio’s eyes turn into a glare.

“The head of the General!”

(Ah, Damn it! Don’t come here!)

The Marden center force began their assault.

That one blow was deeply digging into Natra’s formation where Natra center force was decreased.

Marden didn’t stop there. They keep pushing into the formation. There were no soldiers to prevent it, and it was not possible to recall the soldiers from the wing who had entered stalemate.

The center will be broken… The number was around one thousand. On the other hand, on the hill, Wayne and Hagar only had a hundred guard.

“Your Highness, we need to retreat. Fast…”

“I know…”

There was no other way.

Wayne began retreating under Hagar suggestion.

“General! They are trying to escape from their headquarter!”

“Those bastards, they should choose to die honorably… The number of their escort is not much, we going to pursue them with only the cavalry! Let the infantry stay in the center!”

“Yes, sir!”

Here Urgio divides his infantry. Chasing the back of Wayne with about four hundred cavalries.

In the blink of an eye, they ran up the hill and reached the place where the opponent headquarters was located. What caught his eyes behind the hill was a rocky mountain and the figure of royal guard trying to slip into the shadow…

“They are trying to hide, huh? But since most of their men are heavy armored infantry, it backfired at them!”

Most of the royal guard at Natra’s camp were infantryman with shields and spears. It was impossible to outrun from those who ride horses.

“We will get them before they hide behind the rocks! Let’s go!”

Urgio then went downhill with his cavalry troop.

The distance between his force and Wayne’s guard quickly diminished, then the royal guard stopped and turned around. Building defense against Urgio…

However, their defense was too thin. If they collide, Urgio could break through them with one blow.

Urgio then raises his roar, convinced of his victory—

“That is why I told you not to come…”

Wayne blurted a curse that no one could hear but himself.

“With this, our complete victory…!”

Then, Ninim Raleigh gives her orders to the soldiers.

“– Bow unit, fire!”

From the top of the mountain, rain of arrows rained on Marden soldiers…