Genius Prince – v1-c10

In this battle, Natra army had taken the usual horizontal formation.

From the sky, one could see a rectangular formation was laid sideways facing the Marden army.

To face the Marden army’s horizontal army. However, unlike Natra, which had its thickness evenly spread, they had the center thinner. And after they break the center, they tried to attack Natra from the side and circle Natra army to attack from the back.

Needless to say, human beings were vulnerable when receiving an attack from the side or the back. It was the same, even with the size of an army. Therefore, if one gets behind the enemy army, one can be said to have a very advantageous situation.

Naturally, here Natra should thicken the center to respond to Marden assault. However, if that happens, the sheer difference in military power would decide the battle. Natra 6,000 men and Marden 7,000 men. It was apparent who had the more numerical advantage.

But, that was only in numbers.

There were other elements in a battlefield that cannot be measured with just simple numbers, such as the skill of the soldiers.

“General Urgio! A reinforcement request has come from Rosina’s unit at the left wing!”

“Report! Sense’s unit had been annihilated! Trosey’s unit is trying to help!”

“General, the right wing has met with heavy resistance, they are under heavy struggle!”

Fast-paced information comes from all over the battlefield and telling that the Marden army was losing…


The words that came out from Urgio mouth was not the one meant to respond to the situation.

But that word was something everyone present also had in their mind.

“W-What the heck with those Natra soldiers?!”

(Marden turned as the weak one?!)

Urgio and his staff officers were trembling in amazement.

On the other side, Wayne also had a tremendous surprise.

(What’s going on? Eh?! How come they could viciously beat them?!)

As Wayne thought, the battlefield had turned into a one-sided battle.

The Natra and Marden armies collide. However, while the impact of the clash did not cool down, the disparity between the two armies was evident.

Marden soldiers swinging their weapons earnestly try to defeat the enemy in front of them. But there was little collaboration between them, it was like they were fighting by themselves.

On the other side, Natra soldiers were different. For example, if an enemy attacks A, he would block it with his shield, and nearby allies would then attack the assailant. Then if the enemy hardens their defense, they would cooperate with their comrade to destroy it. While doing that, they were fighting in a position where they could maintain formation, making it less likely for isolation, they support each other thoroughly.

Looking at them, the difference was noticeable. Even if the number was inferior, Natra’s army was overwhelmingly superior as an army.

“How is it, your Highness?”

Noticed Wayne’s confusion, Hagar opened his mouth…

“… No, well, I am surprised that they fought better than I had expected.”

Wayne had thought he could win. But this development had gone up than he had expected…

“Hagar, did you know that it will turn like this?”

“Yes. Everything regarding ingenuity, one need to polish them. In that respect, the way the Empire had to continue to fight over the years would be one of the best training we could hope for. In fact, I was impressed. If trained like this, I believe we won’t be lagging behind small countries who know only a small-scale war…”

Saying that the old man smiled wryly.

“I was honestly surprised at how weak Marden army is… I thought it was a deception to lower our guard, but that does not seem to be the case. Also, your Highness…”

“I know, I have not forgotten about that… … At once, we will curtail them as much as we can…”

At that time, a big cheer comes from the right wing. The right-wing where Natra soldiers attacked the Marden soldiers after repulsed their initial assault.

“It seems Raklum have start to move…”

He was leading the right wing Natra soldiers.

Roar and scream. It was Raklum who was riding on the horse in the middle of the battlefield smelled blood and corpses.

“Don’t break the link! Move in conjunction with your comrades!”

“Harden your defense! Send in replacement unit!”

“The Marden army is pulling back! Push them–!”

It was commanding officers under Raklum who give out the orders.

The overwhelming feeling Wayne had felt also being held by those on the front line.

They could fight back. They were stronger. Or rather, now they were able to push the enemy back. This was proof that all the painful and laborious days when they had trained under the Empire had shown its result, which caused the morale to raise even more.

The soldiers with high morale listened to their commanders order enthusiastically, further pushing Marden’s soldiers back…

Right now, Natra army was the one who was attacking. There was no longer doubt. Therefore, the commanders advised Raklum, which was the commander in charge of the right wing.

“Captain Raklum, this is our opportunity! Let us break through!”

“Now we can break the enemy’s defense, and get behind them!”

“Captain Raklum!”

However, Raklum didn’t react to their advice while looking down.

Then the commanders tried to look at him. They remembered how Ralkum always gives proper instruction during training, and it didn’t match with his present figure. Wondering what had happened, one of the commanders then stretched out his hand.


As soon as his hand touched Raklum’ shoulder, Raklum then turned his face at the commanders…

Looking at his face, the commanders were shocked.

Raklum was crying…

The large built man, without even minding the eyes of his subordinates, was crying…

“C-Captain Raklum, what’s going on?”

The commanders were confused…

At that moment, a huge roar came out of Raklum’s throat.


It was an incredibly loud voice that shook nearby Natra and Marden soldiers’ heart. They stopped the fight for a slight moment and involuntarily looked toward the direction of the voice.

“I… I am very sad!”

All the soldiers kept watching, Raklum then come down from his horse…

“This war is supposedly the first for Regent Wayne Salema Albarest… The first step of his glorious path… and yet!”

Passion dwells inside his eyes. And overwhelming rage. The Marden soldiers who seen that trembled in fear…

“And yet, what is with this garbage… Isn’t this feel like nothing more than weed extermination?! This is not how it supposed to be… This should’ve been a hard and sly fight! Only by spilling the blood of the strong His Highness brilliance would be known, but look at these!”

Raklum had unexpectedly descended from his horse.

He stands in front of Marden soldiers who tried to conquest the wilderness.

Marden soldiers were stunned because the enemy commanding officer was standing alone in front of their eyes while crying…

“Ah, Your Highness… Please forgive this retainer of yours who lack virtue…”

At that moment, Raklum’s long arm becomes like a whip.

A sound like an explosion resounded, causing Marden soldiers to step back in surprise, Raklum had jumped, and his body flew in the air…

“— At least, let us make a mountain of corpses out of these garbages.”

Then, at least everyone returned to their sense.

“K-Kill him–!”

“Follow captain Raklum–!”

As Marden soldiers rushed toward him, Raklum squeezed his fist.

“Raklum’s unit is pushing the enemy back! The collapse of the enemy line is imminent!”

Hearing the report from the messenger, Wayne nodded satisfied.

(Sometimes, he runs wild, but this time it seems he’s doing fine… Good, good…)

He knew that Raklum had a strange sense of loyalty. While Wayne was worried that his loyalty might cause his performance worse, but it seems that was an unnecessary thought…

Yet, he would hear the detailed report in the future and retorted ‘He descended from his horse… what the heck was he doing?’, but for now, Wayne didn’t know that…

(However, this is bad…)

There were many reports that they were winning.

And yet, Wayne’s inner heart was cloudy.

(It would be nice if Marden were to give up and withdraw quickly, but I guess that won’t happen…)

While he was worried, Hagar’s eyes became sharper.

“Your Highness, the soldiers’ thread has begun to break…”

‘Ugeee,’ Wayne swallowed back his voice that almost came out.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir. … The battlefield is shifting… Your Highness should prepare as well…”

While nodding his head, Wayne looked at the opposing side.

In his mind, he reminded of what Hagar had told him before departure…