Genius Prince – v7-c8

“— Is that, really fine?”  After meeting with Viz, Ninim asked Wayne as they went back to the office.  “Wayne said it himself, if you go to see her in person as well as expressing your support, you will be viewed as someone in Lova’s faction, no?”  “Not completely pleasant… But, I have no choice…”  […]

Genius Prince – v7-c7

It was Wayne’s honest impression that he was surprised. In his forecast, Wayne thought that, like the second and third princes, Louwellmina would restrain his movement as well. To think she would criticize the princes’ move, and she herself asked him to be by his side.  (Of course, I was considering the possibility of her […]

Genius Prince – v7-c6

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience, your highness the regent.”  It was Louwellmina’s retainer, Viz Brandel, who appeared before Wayne and Ninim as a messenger.  “I’ve heard that your highness has demonstrated his talent not only in the east and west of the continent but also in the southern sea. As a human being, I am […]

Genius Prince – v7-c5

“This is opposite of Dimetrio, they want to restraint my movement…” “Since we can hold down the first prince by ourselves, we want to avoid interference from a foreign country– Or so they said… And they won’t know what would happen, especially if Wayne got involved…”  “Oi oi, that makes me sound like a dangerous […]

Genius Prince – v7-c4

“–Hee! I want to slack!”  “You know…”  As soon as the meeting was over, Ninim sighed at Wayne with a smile on her face.  “Geez, I was a lord who seemed to have a high virtue until a while ago and yet, something like this happened so soon…”  “You know, as the saying goes, you […]

Genius Prince – v7-c3

“Muu…”  The first prince of the Azworld Empire, Dimetrio, was annoyingly groaning.  He was in the Empire city of Verida. It was inside a room in one of the buildings there.  Dimetrio’s soldiers were guarding the entire city, not to mention the area around the building. Verdia was now a Dimetrio military station.  “Your Highness, […]

Genius Prince – v7-c2

Though what she said seems incomprehensible, it seems she still going to eat the cake.  Louwellmina then continues her words proudly in front of the stunned Viz.  “Speaking of the food hall of fame, the Kingdom of Solgest is famous for it, but even the Empire cannot be looked down upon. Especially the cake here, […]

Genius Prince – v7-c1

Azworld Empire, Imperial capital Grantsral.  The city was near the largest lake on the continent, Veil lake, the city was the symbol of Azworld Empire hegemony.  The empire was a nation with a lot of foreign citizens, and the people were also easier to absorb cultures. The race of people in the imperial capital was […]

Genius Prince – v6-c37

One man sitting in a dimly lit room.  There was a canvas for drawing pictures in front of his eyes, in his hands were the paintbrush and a palette.  A man slowly touches the canvas with the paintbrush. The color was softly dyed white. And the paintbrush runs across the canvas as he thinks about […]