Genius Prince – v6-c16

It was just like a rainbow trapped in seashells.  Red, blue, yellow, and green— swirling shells scattered in various colors, overlapping and glittering. An overwhelming presence that seems to forget even breathing. Even in a room with only a small light, its brightness does not become cloudy.  That was due to the rainbow crown. It […]

Genius Prince – v6-c15

“— Slow!” Northwest of Patura Archipelago. In one of the mansions on one of the island scattered, Torcheira expressed her dissatisfaction. “Eei, when are you going to come back, prince Wayne!” Reports had already reached Torcheira that Wayne had been imprisoned in a fort by Regur but, he had managed to escape safely. Then, of […]

Genius Prince – v6-c14

Wayne knew this would come.  Ferite now was isolated and without support. No, in fact, he was in a desperate situation.  Because Wayne, who sits in front of him, by no means an ally.  Both of them were coincidentally meet, and their road was overlapping with each other for now.  “I understand that for the […]

Genius Prince – v6-c12

The room was not equipped with a special name tag.  The reason why they knew this was a study room was due to the large number of books inside this room.  “Then I’ll be waiting outside the room.”  “Alright, I leave it to you.”  With the guard outside the door, Wayne began looking around the […]

Genius Prince – v6-c11

The light of the morning glow illuminates the island vividly.  What emerges was the shadow of the island. The surface of the rock and the forest shines white by light, but a dark shadow extends behind it. The light coming in through the gaps in the overgrown forest.  “Has the storm passed safely?”  With his […]

Genius Prince – v6-c10

In the fort’s command room, Regul was sullenly looking out…  His plan was largely on schedule.  After being banished from Patura, Regul waited for the opportunity while accumulating power by making friends with foreign influential people.  Then, he disguised himself as a pirate and killed his father, Aroi, who set out to subdue him under […]

Genius Prince – v6-c9

Few days had passed since Wayne was imprisoned.  During that time, Wayne couldn’t find anything useful.  Perhaps Regul had noticed something, the guard start to treat Wayne strictly, and even when he initiates a talk, they would dismiss him.  Not to mention, Ferite who was imprisoned next door seems to be in a lot of […]

Genius Prince – v6-c8

“Why is this happening…”  “As if I know, just carry it fast…!”  Following Wayne’s request, the bed, desk, chair, and other equipment were being brought one after another.  By the time the soldiers began to notice, the prison room has turned into a fine accommodation.  “Okay, this is a little better.”  “Wayne lay on the […]

Genius Prince – v6-c7

Wayne then being taken to the interrogation room.  The interrogation tools were lined up, and the smell of blood clings to the floor and walls. If you were to have a weak heart, this spectacle would make you shrug.  And the man who was waiting as the inquisitor said with high pressure.  “I shall tell […]